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Jack Ma, Forrest Gump & The Inspiration of Capitalism

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Published on: September 20, 2014

Milton Friedman said capitalism is a requirement for freedom to flourish. Today, we witnessed the largest initial public stock offering in the history of the world. And it’s a Chinese company.

Jack Ma, the owner of Alibaba, created his website just a few years ago that sources manufacturers for businesses across the globe, by simply asking investors to give him only $60,000.

As of today, just a few years later, his company is now worth $21.8 billion (and counting as I type this)!

This is a success story that Jack Ma attributes partly to an American fictional character: Forrest Gump — a character who has everything stacked against him in life but he never gives up.

This reminds me of my talk with Ben Carson
who told me that Americans need to hear more inspirational stories about success.

That’s because the stories that are taught to most Americans today are about victimhood and revenge.

Our children today are taught that wealth is not created, but only taken.

I know about this lie because I lived on and off of welfare for seven years of my life. I truly believed that the poor were poor because the rich were rich.

That’s why my non-profit organization, CURE — based in Washington, DC — is so important right now.

For the past three weeks, I wrote in my national column about three individuals whose stories can help the suffering city of Ferguson. These were stories about hard work and education, while liberals were talking about government programs.

No one defends capitalism and freedom like CURE does!

I find it ironic that Jack Ma was inspired by American ideals to succeed while living half a world away under a government fundamentally opposed to those ideals.

But while the Chinese government opens up to the values that make capitalism successful, we’re hiding those same values in shame from our own children.

This has to stop!

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