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Door Handle Licker Dan Savage: “Abortion Should be Mandatory for 30 Years” for “Population Control”

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Published on: September 2, 2014

Earlier this week Dean Garrison reported on militant homosexual Dan Savage being paid $24,000 to teach students at the University of Oregon depraved sex acts (By the way, I thought University was supposed to be ‘higher learning.’ I guess not.) Now a video has emerged where the mentally sick and morally reprehensible Dan Savage says that population control is needed, and that “abortion should be mandatory for about 30 years.”

Savage told an Australian television audience on Monday in a four member panel during the “Festival of Dangerous Ideas” that he thought the most “dangerous idea” that could be implemented for the better of the world is “population control.”

“There’s too many God damned people on the planet,” he said.

“You know, I’m pro-choice, I believe that women should have a right to control their bodies,” he added. “Sometimes in my darker moments, I’m anti-choice. I think abortion should be mandatory for about 30 years.”

What was amazing is that Savage received applause from the audience in attendance! Understand that while Savage promotes “pro-choice” (and let’s just finish what that means: Pro-choice to murder one’s baby), he acknowledged that he wants to force his desires of abortion on others, ie. Mandatory abortion. Just how long will it be until he breaks on over to his “darker” side and actually begins promoting that?

Savage wouldn’t take back his comment either. Why would he? This is a degenerate that licked doorknobs and put pens in his mouth in an attempt to make others sick back in 2000. He is a man that talked openly on television about raping Rick Santorum. Yet, he is promoted by Barack Obama and has White House backing for his “anti-bullying” program “It Gets Better” (Irony of ironies).

“In retrospect, Savage might try to insist that he was only joking but there’s no smile on his face and the point seems quite seriously made,” Tim Stanley of the London Telegraph wrote.

He added that, because Savage spoke “about abortion, he’ll probably be defended by radical pro-choicers. But what he’s basically saying here is that women should be compelled to abort their children so that there are less people around to annoy Dan Savage.”

Savage even went as far as saying, “forcing women to give birth against their will damages women.”

And murdering the unborn babies in their wombs damages whom?

Peter Hitchens, the Christian brother of the late atheist Christopher Hitchens, chimed in with his most dangerous idea, stating:

“The most dangerous idea in human history and philosophy remains the belief that Jesus Christ was the Son of God and rose from the dead. And that is the most dangerous idea you will ever encounter.”

The divinity of Christ is so dangerous “because it alters the whole of human behavior and all our responsibilities,” Hitchens added. “It turns the universe from a meaningless chaos into a designed place in which there is justice and there is hope and, therefore, we all have a duty to discover the nature of that justice and work towards that hope.”

“It alters us all,” he said. “If we reject it, it alters us all was well.”

I agree it does.

Savage’s ideology is a poison to society and it is a poison to the souls of men. He has said that he wished “Republicans were f***ing dead,” told high school students that the “Bible is full of bull****” and called Christians that didn’t want to listen to his venom being spewed “pansyassed.”

This should indicate to everyone just how dangerous of a person that Dan Savage is, but the current administration and the media salivate over him, coddle him and praise him.

Yet, Christian men, like Bradlee Dean, with dignity and honor, seek to promote life, the Christian faith and our American heritage to high school students and they are ridiculed. Something is wrong with this picture.

Ladies and Gentleman, I humbly suggest that the problem is not population control. There is plenty of space to go around. The problem is a sin issue. It always has been. I agree with Mr. Hitchens’ comments. Savage is in need of real repentance. However, he cannot be allowed to push the filth and yes, criminal ideology, that he is pushing. Perhaps we should start thinking about how to justly deal with those of our population the way we have in the past, and we could begin with Mr. Savage.

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