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Dr Bryan Ardis: Pope Francis & The Roman Catholic Church Are Behind COVID & The Shots (Video)

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Published on: April 9, 2022

Dr. Bryan Ardis is an absolute lightning rod, in a good way of course.  In a recent bombshell video, Ardis said that he believes that Pope Francis and the Roman Catholic Church are behind COVID and the COVID shots.

“I am concerned that no one is acknowledging who the real threat is,” he started off his video.

“I actually think the Roman Catholic Church and the pope, Pope Francis, is over this entire thing,” speaking of COVID and the shots.

He then elaborates.  Take a listen.

On Friday’s The Sons of Liberty radio, Johnny Cirucci joined me to talk about the history of the papacy and the Roman Catholic Church and just how wicked it truly is.  In fact, it is antichrist!

The Vatican: Seat Of Antichrist & Abominations Of The Earth (Video)

Dr. Ardis also spoke out this week on Remdesivir and claimed that in the Africa trials, that drug, which Dr. Anthony Fauci, a Jesuit educated and trained bureaucrat, established as the treatment drug, including for children, for COVID.

Dr. Bryan Ardis Rips Into Dr. Fauci & Adds “Remdesivir had 50%+ death rate in Africa trials” (Video)

This is about to get very interesting.  I’m wondering what we are going to uncover that the antichrist pope and his henchmen are up to in the midst of the plandemic.

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