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EB5 Visa Program Under Investigation

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Published on: February 14, 2015

How many Americans are familiar with or even know about the EB 5 visa program? Probably not many. The EB 5 visa program provides a method for foreign nationals to essentially buy green cards for themselves and family members who invest $500,000 to $1,000,000 dollars in US businesses. Green cards under this program are limited to 10,000 investors per year. While this limit has never been reached, only primary investors are counted toward the 10,000 green cards per year, meaning that accompanying relatives are not. This leads to the possibility that many more than 10,000 individuals could be issued green cards that have essentially been bought.

ABC News produced a short segment on the EB 5 visa program that can be viewed here.

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It appears that according to this report, the EB 5 program is being used by criminal and operatives, such as terrorists, to gain entry into the United States.

So, while Obama has granted unconstitutional, illegal amnesty for illegal alien invaders, a little known visa program that amounts to “buying green cards” compromises our national security as well while functioning within the law. It sounds as though this is part of the immigration system that needs to be addressed, along with the “anchor” baby provision that has been kept out of the limelight until federal investigators began putting it under the microscope. With the exposure of the criminal activity covered by the program, the Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security has come under investigation.

It’s surprising that ABC News even covered it, as the lamestream enemedia has made their bed with Obama. Now that this has been exposed, Americans need to make sure their duly elected representatives in Washington take a strong stance on immigration under the EB 5 visa program, as well.

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