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Elementary School Implements “Black & Orange Spirit Day” Because Halloween Isn’t “Inclusive” Enough

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Published on: October 26, 2017

Do leftist, progressive, Democrat, communist, socialist, Marxist, multicultural individuals forget what it was like to be a child?  Apparently so, as they work hard to strip the innocence from our children and eradicate traditional fun events from every facet of childhood many remember fondly.  One fun event remembered by many of us as children was Halloween.  We didn’t care where the day originated, what it might signify or if it was controversial or not.  All it meant to many of us was a day to dress up and go door to door with our pumpkin baskets “trick or treating” to get loads of candy.  It was just fun.

Gone now are those days it seems.  One elementary school is replacing the traditional day with a generic holiday called “Black and Orange Spirit Day” because Halloween is not “inclusive” enough.

Breitbart reported:

A Massachusetts elementary school has canceled Halloween with the claim that the holiday is not” inclusive” enough, and replaced it with the conjured “Black and Orange Spirit Day,” instead.

Of particular concern for the city of Walpole’s Boyden Elementary principal Brendan Dearborn was the annual costume parade, an activity Dearborn insisted in a letter to parents was not “inclusive enough.”

Addressing the parade, Dearborn told parents, “the costume parade is out of our ordinary routine and can be difficult for many students. Also, the parade is not inclusive of all the students and it is our goal each and every day to ensure all student’s individual differences are respected.”

Dearborn confirmed that the annual after-school party would still take place, but that Halloween Day, a Tuesday this year, will be “Black and Orange Spirit Day,” not Halloween. Children will be encouraged to wear the “spirit” colors and costumes will be banned.

So, instead of “Halloween,” the school chooses to call the “candy lobbying” day “Black and Orange Spirit Day” to be more inclusive.  Does anyone want to bet there will be some group, somewhere, that will call this newly created all-inclusive day indicative of “racism?”  A comment to the article posted by “Trenton” stated, “Black and orange day:  hijabs and prison jumpsuits,” clearly seeing the irony to change what is truly inclusive of all – Halloween – into something that could be considered idiotically offensive to some.

But, the problem, according to this principal, is not the traditional day itself but an after-school costume party he determined “out of our ordinary routine and can be difficult for many students.”

Certainly, as a child, many of us can remember that not all school events were “all inclusive” as one parent indicated still occurs today.

Speaking to Fox Boston, parent Julie Lowre stated, “That’s the part that especially the parents and students are having a hard time understanding.  We have numerous events not all inclusive, so if you cancel one event you have to cancel them all.”

The Fox Boston report also cited principal Brendan Dearborn expressing “security concerns” leading to his decision to cancel the event as well as the parade conflicting with some students’ religious beliefs.

Charissa Kaselis, a member of the Parent Advisory Council, told Fox Boston the school is open to friend and visitors, as well as parents, which causes the children to be vulnerable.  Kaselis stated, “It’s not my decision to make;  it’s decision for someone who has authority, who knows the issues more than I do.”

Is not the best authority to determine whether a child should participate or not in a school event or an after-school event the parents?  Maybe the reason all the children do not participate is because of the values, principles, and beliefs parents instill in their children, whom they are responsible for educating.  The principal makes a decision and Ms. Kaselis claims this man, as the authority, knows more about the “issues” than she, when she sits on a parental advisory board closest to those who would have “issues.”

She claimed, “Anybody might be able to come in, that’s the scariest part of it.”

It seems underlying this reason of the traditional day being “not inclusive” and conflicting with religious beliefs there is some underlying fear, bordering on paranoia, that is interfering with everyday life.

“Oh no, someone might come in – anybody could come in.  That’s so scary.”

Are we all to “stop living” because anyone might come around or anything can happen just going to the grocery store?  Are we all to get wrapped up in having some “perceived security” that we relinquish freedom and liberty and get neither?  From the statement by Ms. Kaselis, one should.

According to CBS Boston, some were calling the decision “political.”

“I think it’s a lot of political correctness,” a Walpole woman said. “I think it’s a shame because Halloween is the funnest day of the year next to Christmas for children.”

Put a costume on. Parade down the street. Let them have their little time,” a Walpole man said. “Why do you have to turn it into something political?”

According to Breitbart, Principal Brendan Dearborn refused multiple media requests for comments on his decision to cancel the parade.

Is this what it has come to in America today – the cancellation of traditional events based on political correctness, religious beliefs, and fear paranoia?

As has always been the case, citizens here have freedom and choice.  If you don’t like what you see on TV, change the channel.  No one forces you to watch what you don’t want to see.  If something conflicts with your religious beliefs, don’t participate, don’t watch or don’t support.  If you are that fearful and paranoid, seek help or stay in your home.   If a school event conflicts with any of your values, principles or beliefs that you are teaching your children, don’t allow your children to participate.  It is the responsibility of parents to explain to their children why and express those values, principles and beliefs to them.

It has become a travesty that adults who are so fearful and paranoid are instilling some of this into children, especially the children of other parents.  Moreover, it is unconscionable that others are determining values, principles, and beliefs for children who they indoctrinate in the government-run school systems.  These “authoritarians” are turning a day most children associate with “dressing up and asking for candy” to some horrid day that excludes most children.

If some children are not allowed to “dress up and ask for candy” in the traditional “trick or treat” manner by their parents, usually those parents provide an alternative event for their children to have fun and still receive “sticky treats.”  If some parents have religious objections to Halloween, many churches provide an alternative event where children can still dress up, though not in “scary” or “gruesome” costumes, and participate in “bobbing for apples,” “fishing for prizes,” and games that award healthy snacks as well as candy.

In other words, the participation of children in any event is and always will be the decision of the parents.  And, as always in the united States, there is freedom and liberty.  Some celebrate Halloween in the tradition that it was conceived, “All Hallow’s Eve”;  others celebrate it has a time for fun, dress-up and asking for candy;  while others celebrate it as the end of the time of harvest.  And, there are many who see it as an objectionable event conflicting with their religious beliefs.

Parents teach their set of values, principles, and beliefs to their children.  Not all parents teach their children the same.  But, events like a costume parade for students to have fun should not be overshadowed by political correctness, fear and paranoia, or whether or not all students “can” participate.  As one parent indicated, if events are to be all-inclusive, the school should cancel all “non-inclusive” events, not just this one.

The better thing to do is to continue events as the school has done in the past and let parents decide whether or not their children can or should participate.  Of course, the mindset of leftist, liberal, progressive, Democrat, communist, Marxist, socialist cannot have that since it takes power from institutions and places it where it belongs – with the parents, aka the people.  To these rejecters of liberty, everyone is to be the same, clad in “black and orange,” the Halloween equivalent of a “Mao pantsuit.”

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