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The EPA Makes Yet another Hypocritical Overreach

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Published on: January 29, 2015

The Environmental Protection Agency is hypocritically overreaching again in the name of protecting our environment and our citizens. Off the Grid News recently reported the EPA is about to finalize a set of regulations in February that will effectively ban the production of about 80% of the wood and pellet burning stoves and furnaces in America. One furnace company has already advertised that its classic outdoor furnaces will be outlawed by the new regulations and will no longer be available later this spring.

The EPA argues that such a ban would improve air quality, requiring that any wood furnaces used from now on must burn 85% more efficiently. The new regulations will prohibit the sale or trading in of old wood stoves. Currently, about 12% of homes in America rely upon wood as their primary source of heat.

Columnist Larry Bell of recently wrote, “It seems that even wood is not green or renewable enough any more…. [It’s] the oldest heating method known to mankind and mainstay of rural homes and many of our nation’s poorest residents. The agency’s stringent one-size-fits-all rules apply equally to heavily air polluted cities and far cleaner plus typically colder off-grid wilderness areas such as large regions of Alaska and the America West.”

Some local and state governments in Washington State and Utah have already applied wood burning bans which are even stricter than the new EPA rules.

We already have the GMO “crop police” from Monsanto harassing farmers while the company is slowly killing us with their deadly chemicals and genetically modified seeds. Now are we going to have the “wood stove police” on our doorsteps as well? Will I become a criminal, an enemy of the state, because I burn wood to heat my home?

Large corporations can dump huge amounts of pollutants into our ecosystem and get away with it. Any fines they may pay as a result are just considered part of the cost of doing business. I wonder if we would we be hearing anything about bans on wood burning heating units if the EPA regulators themselves depended upon burning wood?

One person upon hearing of these new regulations commented, “…maybe instead of sticking their noses into areas they have no right to maybe they should focus on all the crap our government is spraying into the atmosphere and put a stop to chem trails…”

Do I hear an “Amen!”?

I see chem trails crossing and crisscrossing above our rural property on a disturbingly frequent basis. I have lots of photos of these spreading, poisonous man-made clouds of destruction in my phone. So I am supposed to believe the EPA is protecting me and my family by their intrusive, hypocritical, arbitrary and downright ridiculous regulations? Who really is protecting who and what here?

To adapt an old farmer maxim, “Why should we ever trust the fox to guard the hen house?”

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