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Obama’s Promised Civilian Police Force: It’s Happening

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Published on: January 29, 2015

As widely reported this week, President Obama hosted several young YouTube “stars” last Thursday and fielded their questions about everything from drones to education. Why YouTube “stars”? Well, because these folks have anywhere from 2.5 to 8 million subscribers to their YouTube channels, that’s why. It’s a way to effectively get the propaganda out.

Obama wound up catching a fair amount of flak for sullying the office of the president in deigning to host what many consider to be cultural miscreants, and I suppose that’s appropriate. GloZell Green, a young black woman who wears bright green lipstick and whose YouTube channel is pretty much dedicated to the bizarre, is one of those David Johansen types who was bound and determined to become famous via any avenue available, short of becoming a spree killer.

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While Green isn’t dealing hard drugs to kindergarteners or anything, her shtick is of questionable intellectual value, to say the least. Her first big YouTube “hit” involved “The Cinnamon Challenge,” in which an idiot (in this case, Green) swallows a spoonful of ground cinnamon; this elicits gagging, retching and coughing, which I surmise is supposed to be funny.

While the video garnered more than 10 million views, some of the parents who wound up in the emergency room with their idiot kids, who emulated Green, probably didn’t think it was as funny as the Epsilons who regularly view her. GloZell’s other video offerings have less potential for death by misadventure, but they’re all decidedly lowbrow.

In short, it’s not the people, but the material that is at issue. It just isn’t the kind of thing with which respectable individuals of prominence ought to taint themselves.

At this juncture, however, we are well aware that Barack Obama has no shame whatsoever as regards his behavior when it stands to harm this nation. Indeed, he doesn’t seem to mind at all that many Americans and much of the world publicly ridicule him on a regular basis; the payoff in the aggregate degradation of America’s moral fiber, standing in the international community, economy, national security – you name it – is worth Obama bearing the jeers.

Something of much greater concern than the tedious YouTube fiasco wound up coming to the fore as a result of one of GloZell Green’s questions for our president. Green (who, like too many black people, also happens to be irrevocably indoctrinated into leftist, racial orthodoxy) asked Obama what could be done to prevent violence by white police officers against black males, such as in incidents last year in Ferguson, Missouri, and New York City.

Bear in mind that these were incidents wherein no racial bias on the part of the police was ever established. Green told Obama that she had cut the hoods off of her husband’s hoodie sweatshirts because she was afraid “the po-po” [the police, in urban patois] will shoot him when he goes outdoors.

Here, I imagine she is referencing the police sharpshooters who are situated throughout black neighborhoods across America with orders to shoot blacks at will, as well as officers in police cruisers who fire randomly into crowds of black people.

Just so we’re all up to speed on this whole thing …

“There’s still biases in our society that, in split-second situations, where people have to make quick decisions,” Obama intoned, referencing police protocols and the stress of their job. “… [S]tudies have shown that African-American males are seen as more threatening, which puts them in more vulnerable positions.”

For the record, I haven’t been able to locate any such studies. I think it is simply a reflection of how paranoid racists on the left think blacks are perceived – but like the old Soviet premiers, Obama says it, and it is truth.

“Young African-American males are typically seen as older than they are,” the Liar-in-Chief went on. “And so a lot of the way to solve this is to improve training so people can be aware of their biases ahead of time.”

Obama’s statement, of course, presupposes the existence of bias – but coming from a president who has always presupposed bias against blacks on the part of whites, leading him to exacerbate every racially tinged issue he has touched, this ought to be no surprise by now.

Late last year, Obama assembled a task force that he told the YouTubers will be coming up with “recommendations” to remedy these police problems, including the possibility of police wearing body cameras more often.

“We’re going to take some of those recommendations, and we’re going to put federal muscle behind them. You get better policing when communities have confidence that the police are protecting all people and not in any way showing bias.”

Two things here: First – when did this man, who has never held a real job, become an expert in Criminal Justice? Harvard Law graduates do not summarily qualify as such, and Obama’s records from Harvard have been sealed anyway. His law degree could be as legitimate as Elvis Presley’s black belt for all we know.

Second, they’re going to put federal muscle behind those recommendations.

Recalling Obama’s advocacy for a civilian police force as well-equipped as the military during his 2008 campaign, we should have seen this coming, yes? While fomenting racial tension has had its uses for the administration, in the context of demonizing the police, there is an additional objective.

Here’s a thumbnail of the plan as I see it, aspects of which are already well in place:

  1. Make claims of racial bias on the part of the police.
  2. Exploit incidents of police contact with minority individuals even if no racial bias is established; reinforce claims of police racial bias.
  3. Incite limited civil unrest to validate claims and demonstrate public support.
  4. Employing federal law, executive action and economic coercion of law enforcement agencies, implement intrusive, central government-based remedies calculated to grant central government inordinate influence over local law enforcement.
  5. Incrementally increase central government influence over local law enforcement, effectively creating federal Police Force that will engage in domestic surveillance, detection and control of “political subversives,” rather than combating crime.

And there you have it. The further Obama can get with it – since absolutely no one in government is willing to call him out on anything he does – the better. When, and if, he ever leaves office, the next radical president will continue to advance the program.

As we know, the genie of totalitarianism is near impossible to get back in the bottle once we have allowed him to get out.


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