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Ex-Muslim: “This ideology is the enemy of human progress, and if we do not fight back it will transform societies into something between Saudi Arabia and Iran”

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Published on: September 27, 2017

the difference between western armies and our local muslim militias. Then the parents of two of my school buddies died in the marines barracks explosion. Muslims heralded it a victory. One friend works for US embassy now.

I despised the cultural norm that it is a “good” thing to go live on welfare in a western state. They even validate theft, and they actually consider stealing from a Jew, for example, or any enemy as a good thing. They really twist the common ethical values that are innate to humans.

I hate the ideology that is full of constraints. I hate how they consider dogs as “dirty” creatures.

I saw the rise of political Islam in my country and how it attracted the worst kind of violent lazy, unethical sort. They have nothing to offer except hate.

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I also saw how they conduct their business. They consider ripping off others as allowed since the victim of their theft is not a “believer” like them. I saw how they degrade women.

They are hypocrites, lustful, anti-democracy, as for them it is only the cleric who knows how to rule. Almost always these clerics are corrupt, uneducated, extremely narrow minded. They hate everything and have no love for humanity and nor to nature.

They are against reading any book that is not based on the Koran or on their silly publications.

They are now creating a militaristic society taking advantage of bad economic times recruiting almost all youth to train and be ready for “Jihad” against the rest of the world. They openly preach murder. I saw all this and also saw the rest of the world, the supposed “evil” west and saw nothing but human rights, freedom, and progress.

They actively block progress including economic as it is in their best interest for their followers to be poor and uneducated. They explicitly discourage reading of anything that is not part of their propaganda, and focus on brainwashing their followers. Amazingly, they openly discourage thinking, claiming that God has told us everything we need to do and know and that extra thought often leads to “blasphemy”. I know this sounds unbelievable, but it is true, and to me this makes this ideology the enemy of human progress, and if we do not fight back it will transform societies into something between Saudi Arabia and Iran. This has already started, look at Europe and USA, and look at my tiny country Lebanon which was always liberal, it is now a mini-Iran.

They also advocate violence, as is obvious, which makes them dangerous. Violence for them is just another tool, so anyone standing up to them has to take that into account.

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

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