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Experience Of Sufferers Of Hansens Disease Didn’t Teach Us Anything When It Comes To COVID-19

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Published on: November 13, 2020

Since the creation of humans, we have lived on God’s Earth with all sorts of animals, plants, insects, bacteria, and viruses. Our fall from grace through sin heralded in an age where man would suffer hardships – one being sickness. However, God declared in Psalm 91 for man to fear no pestilence. Yet, today, what are we seeing? Man is fearful of some sickness. It is a fear so strong, coupled with stigma, as to remind some of us of the fear and stigma that once surrounded leprosy or Hansen’s Disease.

In the Sons of Liberty Media article, “Third Leading Cause Of Death In US Is Medical Malpractice – Number To Rise With COVID-19 And Vaccine Scam”, leprosy was mentioned when asking questions concerning quarantining of presumed COVID-19 ill individuals and forcibly removing presumed COVID-19 ill individuals from their homes. Not that long ago, that is what happened to people suffering from Hansen’s Disease. Because of the disfiguring qualities of the disease and the stigma, along with the fear, accompanying the disease, many were forcibly removed from their homes, some as children, denied basic human rights, and placed in quarantine colonies in isolated areas. Those who escaped were treated as criminals and imprisoned on the grounds of the “colony” or leprosaria. Women who bore children while interred had their babies ripped from them and either placed for adoption or with other family members. Moreover, many individuals suffering from eczema and psoriasis were placed in these leprosaria because the symptoms of those skin ailments presented akin to the early symptoms of Hansen’s Disease.

The fear and stigma were so great that many in these quarantined “colonies” were urged to change their name for the protection of their families.

Most should not be surprised to know this occurred in the united States as well as other countries.

From The History Channel:

In the United States, patients were confined to a handful of remote settlements, where over time, a crude existence evolved into one with small touchstones of normalcy. But patients were consistently deprived of fundamental civil liberties: to work, to move freely and see loved ones, to vote, to raise families of their own. Some who bore children had their babies forcibly removed.

A tiny number of Hansen’s disease patients still remain at Kalaupapa, a leprosarium established in 1866 on a remote, but breathtakingly beautiful spit of land on the Hawaiian island of Molokai. Thousands lived and died there in the intervening years, including a later-canonized saint. But by 2008, the settlement’s population had dwindled to 24—and by 2015, only six remained full time, despite having long been cured. Now in their 80s and 90s, many residents first arrived on the island as children. They knew no other life.

When they came here, the law guaranteed them a home for life, and that can’t be taken away,” doctor Sylvia Haven, a doctor at the island’s hospital, told The New York Times in 1971. For some, that “home for life” translated more closely to a prison, however picturesque. “You were brought here to die,” said Sister Alicia Damien Lau, who first came to the Molokai in 1965, in a 2016 interview. “You were not able to leave the island.”

While patients’ families could visit, they were housed in separate quarters, and allowed to communicate only through a chicken wire screen. “They catch you like a crook and you don’t have any rights at all,” Olivia Robello Breitha, a longtime patient, wrote in her 1988 autobiography. “They didn’t care about ruining a life… I was just a number.”

Kalaupapa was one of a small handful of leper colonies in the United States. Among them were tiny Penikese Island in Buzzard’s Bay, off the coast of Massachusetts, and the Carville National Leprosarium, in Louisiana. With almost 8,000 patients over about 150 years, Kalaupapa was by the far the largest.

Here’s a short video on Kalaupapa.

Information on Carville can be found here.

The leprosarium on Penikese Island was tended by Dr. Frank Parker, his wife Marion, and a handful of staff. He sacrificed a well-to-do life in Boston and forewent a thriving practice to care for those interred at Penikese Island. Dr. Parker and his wife ruined their reputation and income for this humanitarian cause. The good doctor often returned to Boston to campaign and lobby for the colony’s survival. The governor of Massachusetts at that time, Channing Cox, despised the colony, fighting to close it – no doubt influenced by medical boards throughout the State. Cox succeeded when the leprosarium was being constructed at Carville.

What happened to Dr. Frank Parker?

Devastated and heartbroken, Dr. Parker’s final assignment was to fumigate and raze all the structures on Penikese Island. All that is left is a small cemetery (containing the 16 that died while living there) and a few stone gate posts which you can still be viewed from Google Maps. Dr. Parker was very vocal with news reporters about the entire process and his feelings about the medical industry’s greed and lack of compassion – a compassion that is supposed to be driven by a Hippocratic Oath.

Because he dared speak against the medical community and what Governor Cox had done, he angered a lot of people. Governor Cox being a petty, vindictive individual decided that crushing Dr. Parker’s colony and breaking his heart wasn’t enough so he refused to give him his last few paychecks, cut off his pension, and even threatened to veto any attempt by legislators to pay Dr. Parker or re-institute his pension.

At 65-years of age, a social pariah, jobless and destitute, Dr. Parker and his wife relocated to Montana where one of their sons lived. Sadly, he would succumb to whooping cough shortly after. In 1996, the Massachusetts Statehouse held a ceremony where Dr. Parker was honored with a paltry plaque.

In Australia, sufferers of Hansen’s Disease were originally sent to Mud Island – nothing more than a sandy spit of land. Channel Island opened in 1931 and was to be a more humane solution to the Mud Island lazarette. It was still like a prison.

The country of India has seen cases of Hansen’s disease. It was in 2005, that the government of India and the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that Hansen’s disease had been eliminated there. Yet, India still reports 125,000 cases per year with 10 million total suffering from Hansen’s Disease. In this country, the fear and stigma persist.

It wasn’t until a treatment was developed for Hansen’s Disease that it was discovered that 95% of people have a natural immunity to the disease. Moreover, Hansen’s Disease still occurs in the US and other first world countries today; but, with treatment early in the disease, there is no reason to fear, apply a stigma or shun those with the disease or the disease itself.

For more information on Hansens’ Disease, see the following sources.

International Leprosy Association –

The Leprosy Mission Trust India –

The American Academy of Dermatology –

What does Hansen’s Disease have to do with COVID-19? Both the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the WHO have operational considerations for community isolation centers (CIC) for COVID-19 so individual with mild or moderate symptoms can “voluntarily” isolate from others when home isolation is not feasible. This was covered in “Tomato or Tomahto: What’s The Difference Between Quarantine & Isolation” at Sons of Liberty Media.

With some medical professionals calling for lockdowns of six to eight weeks, several US States issuing further “house arrest” mandates, and other measures in hopes of eradicating the so-called COVID-19, we should know the history of the handling of those suffering from Hansen’s Disease in case we are doomed to repeat this same atrocity. As humans, we live with an untold number of illnesses and diseases that have not been eradicated. However, we live with these because there is treatment or our divinely created immune system handles the illness/disease by building a wall against what attacks us.

It’s difficult to say how long Hansen’s Disease has been infecting mankind. In the days before modern medicine, this disease produced fear among all, as well as shame upon sufferers, stigmas regarding sufferers and extending to their families and a host of legislation that discriminated against sufferers. Even after the advent of modern medicine, there still exists a fear and stigma surrounding a curable ailment and one, in which, 95% of the population have natural immunity. What are we seeing today with what is being called COVID-19?

Similarities exist between the fear and stigma surrounding Hansen’s Disease with the fear and stigma being applied to COVID-19. While the fear and stigma with Hansen’s Disease revolved around disfiguration, socio-economic perceptions, contagion, and infection by association, the fear and stigma revolved around COVID-19 focuses on extreme contagion, presumption of infection among the entire population, non-mask wearers spread the illness, the illness is deadly, and normalcy will only occur with a vaccine.

Questioning the official COVID-19 narrative finds one at odds with the majority of the medical profession, the government, the community, and sometimes family members. Medical doctors daring to speak out against the narrative and/or speaking in support of treatments like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, coupled with Zinc and Azithromycin, have found themselves fired, ostracized, and licenses revoked. Those exposing the CDC guidelines to pad the COVID-19 death numbers have found themselves the objects of investigations. Despite the numerous scientific studies indicating that masks are useless against this illness, which has been covered at Sons of Liberty Media extensively, refusing to wear a mask finds one receiving stares and being ignored by some.

Challenging the waffling “guidelines” of the CDC, the WHO, and “chosen government experts” finds one labeled as a troll, misinformed, uncaring about others, and anti-science. Even when members of the WHO claim the same narrative on the guidelines as challengers and the CDC updates its own numbers to confirm the challengers’ narrative, the same old information is repeated and upheld as “official”. When confronting the fact the microorganism has not been isolated, scientists have skirted Koch’s and Rivers’ postulates, and exposing COVID-19 as having the same genetic sequence as human genome 8: primary assembly, scoffers are quick to claim scientific studies have proven its existence by finding “genetic material”. No matter how many times the scoffers’ claims can be disproven, the claims are continually repeated – as if the more it’s repeated the more true it becomes – everyone is infected, everyone is contagious and will spread the illness, a lot of people die from COVID-19, and nothing will help except a vaccine.

With the fiasco of forced quarantines in Victoria Australia, where 800 individuals died, and the draconian quarantine by PM Jacinda Ardern of over 4,000 New Zealanders that were prevented from leaving quarantine without an RT-PCR test for COVID-19 – a test with an 80% false positive rate, the narrative perpetuated by the WHO, CDC, governments around the world, Anthony S. Fauci and company, along with the lamestream government-controlled propaganda entertainment enemedia, instill the same fear and stigma with COVID-19 that was seen concerning Hansen’s Disease.

Just like with Hansen’s Disease, the governments and health organizations, the WHO, CDC, and public health departments, fall back to quarantine and isolation with COVID-19. However, we have seen that this has not worked with whatever is making individuals ill. Both the WHO and CDC have issued guidelines for “quarantine and isolation” of individuals presenting with the symptoms of COVID-19. When looking at the symptoms of COVID-19, anyone with a cold, influenza, allergies, sinus infections, bronchitis, bronchiectasis, and other respiratory ailments could find one’s self headed for quarantine and isolation based upon a misdiagnosis. As the medical professionals are adding skin (COVID toes, rashes, etc.) and gastrointestinal disorders (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea) to the list, it is possible that individuals who are not ill from this illness are headed for the same fate. One has to wonder if that has already happened. It’s possible since the number of influenza cases has mysteriously been extremely low this year.

It is said that if we do not know history, we are doomed to repeat it. And, we look at history to be able to surmise what would happen in the future. Mistakes were made with the Spanish Flu outbreak. Mistakes were definitely made in the handling of Hansen’s Disease, but more severe. Looking back, did we learn anything? Evidently not, considering the same old tactics are being used that did nothing but cause hardship, trauma, pain and suffering to those affected and their families. All of it by governments that decided the actions, claiming “it was best for society”. That “best for society” created a terrible human rights violation mar across the bow of every affected society. It looks like history is repeating itself but on a much grander scale.

Remember, the nine most dreaded words – “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”.

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