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Facebook: Antifa Acid Attack Threat is Fake News

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Published on: July 3, 2019

Hydrochloric acid (also known as Muriatic acid) can cause severe burns to the skin or even blindness.

I recently returned from another Facebook suspension.

I’ve been suspended 120 of the last 135 days (four 30 day suspensions) to be exact.

I posted ONE single item on my timeline Tuesday and the Fake News/Thought Police were all over it.

I’ll show you the article in a moment AND, I did fix the spacing typo in the title.

I really hate it when I do that. 🙂

At any rate, within a few hours, Facebook had taken the ONLY post I had on my profile and called it Fake News.

So Facebook is supporting Antifa now?


That’s a shock. 😉

Listen folks…

A guy who is claiming to be associated with Antifa is threatening Muriatic (Hydrochloric) Acid attacks at a rally in Washington D.C. on July 6.

He could be full of $h*t and he could be serious.

But warning the American people about a threat is fake news, according to Facebook.

I didn’t make the threat and only reported on it AND please notice the question mark at the end of the subtitle: Antifa Planning To Use Acid In Attacks On Conservatives At D.C. Speech Rally?

And the main title on my site was: Antifa Claims to be Planning Chemical Attack In Washington D.C.

Nowhere did anyone say this was absolutely going to happen. It was a simple warning of what might happen if the claims are valid.

If acid attacks go down in D.C., this is on Facebook for blocking my post and probably dozens of others concerning the same subject matter.

No claims were made that this was absolute fact as you will see when you read the article below. It was a simple good-will warning.

I will sue them for all I can, and any victims should do the same, if this actually happens.

Here is the original story as reported on DC Clothesline courtesy of Right Wing Tribune:


Posted by Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

Antifa Planning To Use Acid In Attacks On Conservatives At D.C. Speech Rally?

By JonDougherty

Following a vicious attack on right-leaning gay Quillette journalist Andy Ngo in Portland, Ore., on Saturday while covering the city’s latest antifa crime fest (er, sorry…’demonstration’), another alleged supporter of the group is threatening (online) to use acid when attacking conservatives at a speech rally in Washington, D.C., this coming weekend.

Big League Politics reports:

A person utilizing artwork created by a Rolling Stone journalist who writes favorably about Antifa has threatened to attack attendees of the Demand Free Speech rally with “muriatic acid, wax, and balloons” on July 6 in Washington, D.C.

The threats were made on a popular right wing Telegram channel. A user with the name “POUND ON YOUR BOY” made several threats against the rally, prompting co-organizer Enrique Tarrio to contact the FBI and DHS, who are now planning to provide additional security to the event.

Over the course of about 10 minutes last night, the “POUND ON YOUR BOY” account asked how the D.C. event is “coming along”, and referenced muriatic acid multiple times.

“I just want to toss as many balloons of Muriatic acid in the faces as many Proud Boys I can [sic]”, wrote the user, “I just want to blind as many of you c**k suckers are possible [sic].”

Oh, the Left-wing ‘tolerance’ and ‘compassion.’

The user continued making threats and concluded his thread with, “We already have the Muriatic acid, wax, and balloons.”

What makes the threat especially onerous, according to Tarrio, is the use of the wax. At present, muriatic acid is available at just about any pool or home improvement store, and it’s already dangerous on its own, being able to cause severe burns.

However, it can be washed off quickly with water. But when combined with wax, it immediately forms a film like candle wax and clings to the injured person’s skin. Tarrio says that could cause a deeper burn on the skin and has the ability for the acid to get into a victim’s bloodstream, causing a cardiac arrest.

“It starts with milkshakes, then it escalates to what happened to Andy Ngo, and now they’re threatening us with acid attacks,” Tarrio told Big League Politics. “All because we want to defend free speech in Washington, D.C.”

“We will not be intimidated with these tactics of fear and fascism. We will celebrate our First Amendment without apology,” he continued.

The news site noted further:

While researching the “POUND ON YOUR BOY” name and cartoon profile photo associated with the Telegram account, Big League Politics was able to identify Twitter and Instagram accounts with the same phrase and artwork.

The artwork and phrase were created by Fagan Kuhnmuench, a Rolling Stone and Playboy journalist who repeatedly writes articles and social media posts sympathetic of Antifa.

Kuhnmuench was contacted by Big League Politics and said that the account associated with his artwork is not his — that he’s not on the platform. He didn’t provide any commentary about his artwork being used to threaten violence.


This article originally appeared at The National Sentinel and was republished with permission.

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Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

God Bless.

###End of RWT article###

Article posted with permission from Dean Garrison

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