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Faked Iraqi Car Bombing Proves False Flags Are Used to Advance Government Agendas

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Published on: November 5, 2016

Trying to convince some people that Government-sponsored False Flags are common, or even exist for that matter, is like trying to teach pigs to fly.

Some people, it would seem, are perpetually in denial.

Surely no government is evil enough to fake or incite terrorism just to gain more power over its people.

That is the stuff of conspiracy theorists.

Or is it?

Well, Bernie Suarez’ account of a fake Iraqi car bombing might change some minds, but I doubt it:

A recent video released by a LiveLeak source shows a staged car bomb explosion followed by what I call must-watch jaw-dropping crisis actor fakery. The video is said to be in Iraq. The video shows a man busy doing something by the car. He then walks away from the car, gets into another car where at least one person is waiting for him before they drive off. Seconds after driving off, the car is seen to explode violently. That’s not the important part. What follows is, however.

Immediately following the explosion crisis actors are seen quickly running into position, finding well-spread-out spots on the ground to lie down and pretend to be injured from the explosion. The video gets better though as coaches are seen guiding the crisis actors into position and waving in the “suddenly appeared” emergency medical workers. The crisis actors are seen pretending to be in agony and unable to carry their own weight. The video leaves one wondering if you should laugh, cry or get angry.

This is another reminder that fakery is now the norm. Propaganda is legal here in the United States and it’s a tactic commonly used by essentially all nations.

For those who refuse to see the fakery this video may offer a cure.

False flags and fake news stories are now not just the exception, but the norm in America and everywhere else in the world.

Article posted with permission from DCClothesline

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