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Team Clinton Controlling the Media: Wikileaks Provides another Reason Why PBS Should Not Be Publicly Funded

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Published on: November 5, 2016

I am completely against a ton of unconstitutional spending, especially when it comes to funding propaganda outlets like PBS and NPR. Now, Wikileaks has demonstrated exactly why these types of “news” broadcasts should not receive one penny from the central government (the people).

On October 2015 email from Clinton campaign Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri indicates that she called the shots as to when PBS would “put the news out.” In other words, she was orchestrating the timing of the propaganda.

Here’s the email.

You might say that I’m making a mountain out of a molehill, but consider just how much PBS is getting from you, the American taxpayer via the criminal central government.

In fiscal year 2014, public radio and television, like PBS and NPR, got $445 million! While that is a drop in the bucket of the bloated federal budget, consider that spending was approved by a Republican-led House. In other words, as I have been telling you, Republicans are just as guilty of criminal, unconstitutional spending as the Democrats are despite the claims of being both constitutional and conservative. There is absolutely no authority in the Constitution for Congress to spend money on TV or radio.

While Congress doesn’t give the money directly to outlets like PBS or NPR, it does fund the Corporation on Public Broadcasting, which does distribute that money according to a formula.

Though PBS gets about 15% of its budget from that funding and NPR about 2%, other local television and radio stations also receive funding from that money to run shows like “Morning Edition” or “All Things Considered.”

The biggest problem is that it is illegal, yes against the law of the Constitution, for Congress to be funding these kinds of things. To make matters worse, when those who are supposed to be serving the public then turn and used these outlets to manipulate the news and thus the people whom they are to serve, they are engaging in deception.

Are there other things the central government funds more than PBS and NPR that are unconstitutional? Of course! Take a look at the $1.4 billion in federal capital grants and subsidies they gave Amtrak in 2012!

While not publicly funded in the manner that PBS is, we now know that reporters from various “news” outlets are also being used in the propaganda war. Recently, we reported on Politico’s Glenn Thrush, who admitted in an email to Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta, “…I have become a hack…” CNN has long been acknowledged as the “Clinton News Network.”

Sadly, we are not only spending a ridiculous amount of money and lives in both the Afghan War and the ongoing wars in Iraq, Syria and other places that we have no business being in, no declaration of war given and were warned by America’s founding father, but we are also funding propaganda that is being used on our own people. Now you know that the Clintons are right in the middle of it!

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