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Fauci Appeared On TV to Play Victim – No Mention Of Emails That Produce More Questions (Video)

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Published on: June 7, 2021

The status quo these days for individuals who are caught with their hand in the cookie jar, lying, or violating the law is to immediately play the victim. This is never more prevalent than among those who proclaim the “high road”, exalt their own abilities, and proceed to chastise those who do not conform to the set narrative. Now that the emails of National Institute of Health (NIH), National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) director Anthony S. Fauci have been released to the public, clearly showing what Fauci knew, when he knew it, and his “prescribed” measures for the population were “theater”, Fauci assumed the status of “victim” when appearing on Friday’s broadcast of MSNBCs “Rachel Maddow Show”.

Ian Hanchett of Breitbart News reported the story.

On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show,” White House Chief Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci stated that the recent criticisms of him are “really very much an attack on science,” and “the thread going through what’s happening now is very much an anti-science approach.”

Host Rachel Maddow asked, “Am I building you up to be thicker-skinned about this than you are? Are you actually worried about this new sort of re-upping of attacks on you?”

Fauci responded, “Well, I’m concerned about that, more because it’s really very much an attack on science, I think, Rachel.”

He then discussed his conflicts with AIDS activists in the past, and stated that those activists “were fundamentally good people. They were not anti-science. What is — the thread going through what’s happening now is very much an anti-science approach. So, that’s a big, big difference. I mean, it is what it is. I’m a public figure. I’m going to take the arrows and the slings. But they’re just — they’re fabricated, and that’s just what it is.”

Fauci later added that the origin of the virus is an important question, but “it is being approached now in a very vehement way, in a very distorted way, I believe, by attacking me.”

You can listen to his continual lies in the video interview.

True to the nature of the Operation Mockingbird lamestream propaganda enemedia, whose main focus is fawning over Fauci and propping up his lies and image, not one mention was made about the emails indicating Fauci has dirty hands. The purpose of that lame interview was to make sure Fauci proclaimed his victim status; the media portrayed those speaking the truth about Fauci, the CONvid, and the experimental mRNA gene-altering therapy injections as conspiracy theorists and “anti-science”; and, both the media and Fauci pushed the injections as “life saving” with Fauci as the key to the entire waning of the “planned scam-demic”.

Remember, though, all of this is by design. For over 16 months, those who have investigated this coronavirus, the CONvid-1984, and the official “pandemic” narrative have documented that the “virus” has never been purified, isolated or proven to exist. Non-pharmaceutical interventions were ineffective, nay, useless, as numerous scientific studies proved. Doctors, virologists, and other treatment professionals proclaimed inexpensive treatments with long established medications, in an off label use, for the illness from which people suffered that had been “field-tested” with excellent results only to be censored, maligned and sanctioned. Governments, at various levels, prohibited practitioners from prescribing and dispensing these treatments, resulting in needless suffering, in favor of the push for experimental gene therapy while overusing ventilators at inappropriate settings. Medical science, that should have developed treatment protocols and interventions, defaulted to the three letter agency stooges, some who have not practiced medicine in decades, who made recommendations based on conjecture and narrative from agents of the CCP, the World Health Organization, Fauci, Gates, and a handful of globalist eugenicists. But, this has been known among those who opened their mind to read the materials.

The long purported “lab leak” theory is now gaining traction, supported by many Fauci emails. Doesn’t anyone find it strange that Fauci would support the plausibility of that theory only weeks before the emails dropped into the public domain? Ask yourself this question – Do you really trust what comes from the government, even on a Freedom of Information Act request, intimating what some theorized over 16 months ago (Wuhan lab leak) through confirmed gain of function research that had occurred through Ralph Baric, EcoHealth Alliance, and the Wuhan lab?

Let me impart to you this little bit of life experience. While working for a State government entity, there were several times information, including emails, were requested through FOIA and open records acts. There was a specific procedure that had to be followed to ensure the validity of the requested information. Emails were required to be extracted from the main email server through the only individual in the entity authorized to access all information from that server. Every email – sent and received – passed through that server. Always, without exception, there was an annotation before each email and string of emails containing the name of the authorized individual extracting the information from the server and the date it was extracted. Emails were then pulled from the individuals’ computers involved for comparison – to discover if any alterations occurred that might show a cover-up attempt. There was also attached a notarized declaration from the individual extracting the information that it was true and accurate. Without this chain of authentication and ability to compare, there is no way of knowing from what source the emails originated, who retrieved them, or how many hands it passed through before being received. In other words, there is a chain of custody involved.

How do I know this? It was from being involved as a support individual to review these type emails to determine if any alteration occurred. None of those emails reviewed contained any of the information previously indicated. And, Let me say, there were some who were better at covering their tracks than others; however, there were tell tale signs of alterations. Ultimately, the lawyer for the plaintiff refused to use the discovered information in the case and request official documentation for review, resulting in a loss for the plaintiff.

So, where is the evidence in the documents of the chain of custody? There is no doubt that the requesting organizations received emails from the government entity where Fauci is employed. There is no doubt these were released by the requesting organizations in good faith to expose the corruption, criminality, and liability of those involved. However, there is no evidence on those documents released of certified authentication as is needed for chain of custody.

Curiously, weeks before these emails were released, Frances Collins, head of the NIH, conceded the possibility of a leak at the Wuhan lab of an engineered “virus”. Robert Redfield, former head of the Center for Disease Control (CDC), likewise, postulated the same. And, it was Anthony Fauci himself who even proclaimed it as a “plausible” theory. Boom, emails released intimating confirmation of a 16-month-old theory. Now, ask yourself this – what were these individuals viewing and what did they use (as far as microorganisms go) to indicate in an email to Fauci the possibility of this “virus” being engineered? The Chinese CDC did not purify, isolate, or confirm the purported virus as causing illness. The US CDC did not have any isolates. Independent scientists attempted to obtain samples for further study, but were prevented from receiving those samples.

Ask this question as well – if you were perpetrating a scam that would eventually be exposed through the diligence of unrelenting researchers, would you not formulate a scenario for that? And, would you not have in place an agreed upon “fall guy” who would accept the brunt of the responsibility? Of course. And, would that “fall guy”, who accepts the responsibility willingly, ensure there would be impunity for himself?

It is a plausible scenario for certain. But, is it what is being witnessed? Only time will tell; and then, it may be something that will never be known. One thing that can be said for certain – whatever the scenario, the agenda to destroy the US and the world will continue forward until the people put a stop to it.

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