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FBI Caves to Muslim Groups to Not Defend Americans

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Published on: April 18, 2016

An FBI informant program designed to prevent radicalization and “if you see something say something” campaign was pulled because Muslims complained that the site expressed “violent extremism….through the lens of Islam and will lead to profiling of Muslim youth.”

The FBI’s Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) program’s website, “Don’t be a Puppet [of terrorists],” was initially designed to educate and encourage Muslim children to speak out against terrorism. After bowing to Muslims who complained, the site no longer focuses on the Muslim community or Islamic extremism, but now focuses on “violent extremism” instead.


The site’s instructions read, “Go through the five numbered sections in order. Free the puppet in each section and make all of the boxes turn white. Then you will earn an FBI certificate.”

Violent extremism, the FBI defines, “is encouraging, condoning, justifying, or supporting the commission of a violent act to achieve political, ideological, religious, social, or economic goals.” And, it identifies five aspects of violent extremism: group think, symbols, distorted principles, blame, and propaganda.

Instead of listing CAIR, or the Muslim Brotherhood, as extremist groups (or even terrorist organizations), the FBI lists these groups to watch out for instead:

Contrary to logic and the U.S. Constitution, the FBI, one organization tasked with keeping Americans safe from domestic terrorist threats, caved to Muslims who complained that the site expressed “violent extremism….through the lens of Islam and will lead to profiling of Muslim youth.”

Using lawfare once gain, Muslims demanded that the FBI cancel its informant program because it targets Islam and “uses bribes” to encourage Muslims to inform on each other “who do not represent the interests of the [Muslim] community.” Of course, the group doesn’t explain what “the interests of the community” actually are that prohibit Muslims from reporting potential terrorist acts or “radicalization.”

Instead, it complained:

“The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee demands that the FBI cancel the launch of its controversial ‘Shared Responsibility Committee’ program….which is part of the government’s Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) program….[It] continues to target Arabs and Muslims, and turns our religious leaders, mental health professionals, teachers and dedicated community members into informants for the FBI….The FBI has relied on fringe groups from within the community. These groups are recipients of government grants used to implement such programs and do not work in the best interest of the community.”

The FBI didn’t cancel the program. It just abandoned its most critical focus: to prevent the radicalization of Muslim teens already in Islamic communities in America– knowing that several hundred teens and young adults were identified as ISIS supporters in the last few years.

A recent report states that many Muslim youth have been arrested in 21 states for attempting to commit terrorist acts or travel to join ISIS in Syria. Each one was radicalized and had ties to Islamic communities in America.

Not one opposes the murdering of children via abortion, but each supports the murdering of children via suicide bombing.

Not one supports the rule of law according to the U.S. Constitution, because they reject it— choosing to implement Shari’a law instead.

Not one supports the ethical and humane treatment of animals because Muslims already regularly inject dogs with acid to make them suffer and die.

The FBI is the puppet, complains Former CIA officer Clare Lopez, a foreign policy adviser for Sen. Ted Cruz . Pamela Geller called the intelligence operations “toothless and silly.” She asks, “When have you ever seen a Muslim group come out for any counter-terrorism program?”

The FBI is tasked with defending the homeland, so why did it submit to pressure from Islamic groups with alleged ties to terrorism? Especially in light of the fact that terrorism exists first and foremost throughout Islamic communities and especially in mosques?

The ultimate question is, if the FBI is the puppet, who is pulling its strings?

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