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FBI Refused to Testify at Major Anti-Terror Hearing

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Published on: December 7, 2014

“For the FBI to confirm its witness and then pull out only a few days before the hearing and not offer a replacement doesn’t exactly show a good faith effort on their part and it took away a lot from what we were trying to accomplish,” said one congressional source familiar with what took place behind-the-scenes.

What’s so shocking about this peremptory refusal is that President Barack Hussein has unscrupulously reclassified acts of war as law enforcement matters. From Benghazi to the Boston bombings, what should be under the purview of the military is now under the jurisdiction of the FBI. But they won’t testify when they are, albeit wrongly and incredibly, the lead agency on such matters?

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Craven quislings. Perhaps the FBI would not provide testimony because the Obama administration scrubbed all counter terror materials and programs of jihad and Islam. They scrubbed the motive. So how could the FBI provide testimony about something they say doesn’t exist?

UAE designated terror group CAIR must have nixed their appearance.

“FBI Pulled Official to Prevent Testimony at Key Anti-Terror Hearing,” By Adam Kredo, WFB, December 5, 2014

The FBI refused to appear before Congress earlier this week to testify on the threats posed to American citizens by foreign fighters and other extremists who have traveled from Western countries to fight alongside the Islamic State (IS), according to multiple congressional sources familiar with the situation.

The FBI initially agreed to provide a witness for Tuesday’s House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing regarding the threats posed to the U.S. homeland by extremists affiliated with IS (also known as ISIL or ISIS), according to those apprised of the situation.

However, the law agency changed its mind just a few days before the hearing and decided to block any official from testifying. The last minute decision was made amid reports that the FBI and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had begun warning U.S. troops that IS fighters could be monitoring their social media accounts.


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