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Federal Education’s “Kindness” Comes At A Cost To You & Your Children

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Published on: October 4, 2019

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, October 2019 is being called “Anti Bullying Month” at a federal level in education. Contrast that with the State level awareness campaigns. They may choose to use the same title or, like NC, use a gentler tone.


(Source, added emphasis is mine)

A few questions:
1) Why would I use a word like ‘collective’? 2) What’s wrong with anti-bullying? 3) Why shouldn’t we be peaceful?

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The answers:

1) The calming tone being used is hiding a very dangerous agenda in that under ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) collective society actions were mandated in the name of school climate, school safety, and mental health services. We’ve spent many articles learning how every one of these is a violation of a citizen’s right to privacy, especially where minor children are involved. It’s also an overreach of quasi professional techniques being used to label children.

2) There’s nothing good about bullying, in any form, BUT, we must be very careful that in helping prevent bullying we are not seeing the related campaigns used as tools to wipe out free speech, freedoms of belief, etc. Are these campaigns REALLY about getting along, or, are they more about indoctrinating a global tolerance?

3) We are to do all we can to live in peace, but conflict is also a part of being human. It’s impossible to be peaceful and kind, 365, 24/7. Why? Because we were given ALL emotions, not just good and peaceful ones. By muting what someone else deems as ‘negative’ is dangerous. It’s also censorship in its cruelest form.

NC’s Kindness Month, At A Price:

Warriors, you may not find this in your State, but since I used NC’s Proclamation, let’s look at what that means in a personal cost for NC citizens and schools.

1) A new phone app is about to roll out across the State. I do not say we need to ignore bullies or circumstances where danger may be present, but this type of app is an open door to the social tracking system being used in other countries to measure how good of a citizen you are by what you see and report. Also, when you see the list, think about what happens if someone’s reporting off gossip or what if they’re overreacting? Does the fact the caller report something mean the person being called about will not be lumped into a group they may not actually fit into? For example, if a person is suicidal, are they being treated by a qualified and licensed health care worker who knows when isolation works and when it’s even more harmful?

This app is also a result of Sandy Hook school shootings. So, how much of the data (school districts) will be shared and with whom?


If you’d like to see the parent organization of Say Something, it’s the Sandy Hook Promise non-profit.

If you missed my previous article on this topic, go here. If you missed the latest round of federal safety grants and the overreaches into bullying and all that supposedly relates, go here.

2) The “Kindness Campaign” is also being rolled out State-wide. It centers on compassion. That’s great, until you see HOW compassion is being used to create ‘change agents’.


Warriors“normalized emotional health”? A “stable and predictable world”? Are they serious?! Normalizing anyone’s emotions is manipulation! As far as predictable world, nothing in life is predictable, just ask an accident victim. Warriors, this is 100% indoctrination to a greater global citizen dressed up as colorful fun and prizes (incentives for kindness). This is also employing a pay for success system where children are trained to positive responses like lab rats.

*Both the Say Something app and the Kindness Campaign are available nationwide.*

3) Superintendent Johnson’s plea for every parent, caretaker, and educator in NC, “We need mental health supports for at-risk students. School Resource Officers are also important for our schools. That’s why we worked hard in Raleigh to secure increased funding for more and better school safety efforts across the entire state. Please know these resources are there to help support safer schools.”

How does this connect to ESSA, so far?


If you missed my May 2019 federal mental health legislation for higher education, go here. The PreK – 12th grade is here.


What else will October 2019 be used for as far as bullying awareness?

1) Anti Bullying:

From STOMP Out Bullying, 10/7 is a “Wear Blue” Day


Warriors, be sure to access this link so you can see the celebrity videos for STOMP Out. Since, 2013, they’ve been raising awareness. However, when you listen to the phrases uses (ex: “Let’s rise up together”) notice the language smacks of collectivism and solidarity. As we know, collectivism is 100% UN (United Nations) and the type of solidarity being suggested reeks of grooming social justice minions.

If you missed the Global Citizen Festival in New York (Sept. 28, 2019) it was nothing BUT a propaganda gig for the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Anti-bullying was brought up. However, while the compliance and complete devotion to the UN is the ultimate goal, the speech for anti-bullying wasn’t centered on all the types of people considered bullies, but the sexuality awareness was a repeated theme. If you look at the Global Citizen archives, you’ll see the bullying spans the gamut of everything we do. In other words, if I have a strong belief about politics and share it with those who don’t, I can be called a bully.


Warriors, the UN and all its influence has redefined what a bully actually is. The net has been cast so wide, that we ALL can be lumped in together. But have you noticed that those championing for safer schools or anti-bullying are themselves being bullies.

As we know, the UN preaches that education is the biggest change agent of them all. So, it makes sense to attach all this agenda to ‘safe schools’ and ‘anti bullying’. Look at the body language from the recent UN propaganda fest when it comes to education:

Source for the world leaders, including the US government.

Source for the 20 Best Moments.

2) Sexuality Indoctrination:

Look at this picture, Warriors. Regardless of your feelings on how much you may not want CSE (Comprehensive Sexuality Education) in the classrooms due to its manipulation of your child, this group calls out conversion therapy as manipulative.
Conversion should be up to the family involved, not the global society. While the therapy has harmed some, it has also helped many more. Mental health and behavior interventions should also be case by case, not up to the educrats ruining schools.


Why has Outright chosen October to have this webinar? It’s LGBTQ History Month.

Here’s another list for what we might want to watch out for in October:


Speaking of CSEWarriors, did you know the globally accepted definition can be found in a document by the UN? Supposedly (according to the BBC in 2017), the US withdrew its financial support from the UNFPA (below). However, why is it the very same CSE is present in 2019 in the US?


Warriors, in this document it clearly states that CSE is considered ‘life skills’. So when you hear ‘skill based education’ ask what it refers to! Is it ‘skill based’ as in workforce training OR is it ‘skill based’ as in a CSE manner?

Homophobic attitudes and same-sex resistance are also included as bullying in this guide. You’ll also find that CSE, as defined and laid out in the guide, is based on ‘quality scientific evidence’.

ICYMI: From March 2019, my article on CSE and how they fit into the SDGs. (Which also will relate to school safety and anti-bullying.



Warriors, I’m not sure about you, but I remember a time when October meant pumpkins and hay rides. Marshmallow roasts and simply having a fun time getting ready for Halloween (which is being used by the sexuality crowd as another type of ‘coming out’ event). It saddens and angers me that global agenda is ruining everything we know. On Oct. 24th, it’s even UN Day, so the agenda will be all in the news for certain.

If we wish to hold on to our American traditions, we MUST fight back against the indoctrination that is choking us. The type of kindness all this indoctrination is bringing is really spitefulness.

mediumWarriors, this image from, certainly can explain how the UN is so successful in its lies. These lies are harming our children everywhere, especially in education.

Personal note: I feel I must state for the record that I am not anti-education or anti-mental health. I certainly believe in kindness. I also believe that consenting adults are their own decision makers when it comes to sex. However, if you notice, the CCSS Machine has taken these honest stances and twisted them to be spiteful, indoctrinating, and, manipulative for all of us. What should be adult subject matter is being thrown into our babies’ laps. It has to stop!

Article posted with permission from Lynne Taylor

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