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Federal Judge to NC Commissioners: You Can’t Pray

It only seems logical that when a person prays, that they would pray in the name or to the god they believed heard them. So, if you are Muslim, you pray to Allah. If you are a Wicca, you pray to the earth or a spirit guide. If you are a Christian, you pray to the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ. This does not seem that hard to understand, but for one judge, it seems that this concept has been completely lost.

Christian News reports:

A federal judge in North Carolina has ruled that commissioners in one local county can’t present prayers only in Jesus’ name even if they all are Christians because doing so isn’t “nondiscriminatory” toward other religions and elevates Christianity in government.

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This has been a big story in North Carolina for a couple of years. Rowan County Commissioners opened every meeting with prayer. Since all the members were Christian, no matter who prayed they prayed in Jesus’ name. As you might could have guessed, this hurt people’s feelings.

Christian News continues:

“I want my local government to be open and welcoming to people of all beliefs,” Nan Lund, a local resident who is among three plaintiffs named in the suit, stated in a news release announcing the legal challenge. “But when officials begin a public meeting with prayers that are specific to only one religious viewpoint, I feel unwelcome and excluded.”

There are several ways that we could look at this statement. First, the most important is the fact that Mr. Lund was not violated or restricted in any way. He had no right denied him; his own religious beliefs were not ridiculed or hindered. He was not denied a place in any discussion. In reality, he did not like the way it made him feel that all the commissioners were praying to Jesus Christ. When boiled down, he is suing because his feelings were hurt.

Second, I believe that if this trend continues and people like Lund win, they will not be welcome. The patience of Christians will eventually run thin with their rights being violated. Eventually, these people will be shunned in their communities and hated because of the hardship and strife they have created. This, it seems, is what the ACLU and Lund have caused.

Federal Judge James A. Beaty Jr. gave his final decision:

“The practice fails to be nondiscriminatory, entangles government with religion, and over time, establishes a pattern of prayers that tends to advance the Christian faith of the elected commissioners at the expense of any religious affiliation unrepresented by the majority.”

Beaty has essentially said, “You cannot pray.”

Follow my reasoning here. All of the commissioners are Christian. Christians only pray in Christ’s or Jesus’ name. Therefore, the judge has placed an injunction on prayer in the commissioners’ meetings. They will not be allowed to pray at all because they do not include other deities. If they do a nonspecific prayer, they should know that it will not be heard and would be a waste of time.

But Beaty added, “While an all-comers policy is not necessarily required, a nondiscriminatory one is. When all faiths but those of the five elected commissioners are excluded, the policy inherently discriminates and disfavors religious minorities.”

This is not discrimination, it is the “feeling” police. The heathen did not like the way that hearing the name of “Jesus” in a prayer made him feel. He, like a child excluded from a group had his feelings hurt, retaliated. Now, we must all skip down the path to perdition to please the idolaters. I hope this is not the end.

May God grant these commissioners the strength to stand for Him in the face of this attack.


Michael Ware

Michael is a husband, father and elder in the church he attends. He also writes at and

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