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Female Clerk Shoots Robber with His Own Gun Then Fights Him Over Money

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Published on: March 4, 2015

If you are familiar with the phrase, “Crooks are stupid, crooks are really dumb,” then this story will not come as a surprise. However, what you will be inspired by is the courage of a young, female clerk in Lexington, Kentucky who not only took a robber’s gun and shot him with it, but also pursued him to retrieve her cash till full of money.

Zara Adil, 21, was working the register on Friday evening when two suspects entered the Discount Tobacco Zone, in an attempt to rob the store.

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One of the men stepped through a swing door and approached Adil with a gun demanding that she open the cash register. She stepped back after opening the cash register and the stupid criminal placed his gun on the counter.

Adil, being quick, yet calm, immediately seized the weapon, and aimed it at the robber.

“I picked up the gun and pointed it at the second guy and said you run or I will shoot you,” said Adil.

The second suspect fled the scene after seeing Adil with the gun, but the stupid robber demonstrated how stupid he really was. He decided to attack Adil.

In a struggle that ensued, Adil shot the man in the shoulder.

Adil said that she asked the man why he was doing what he was doing. “He just said ‘Let me go, let me go,'” she told WTVQ.

Once she let him go, he grabbed the till from the cash register and attempted to leave the store with the money, but Adil wasn’t going to have any of that. She rushed him and fought him for the money. Eventually, the man fled the scene without the money.

Ms. Adil then said, “If more people stand up, they won’t have that much courage to go around and do what they’re doing.”

Amen! How many times have we seen video of people who were more interested in capturing footage of an attack or a theft or some other criminal activity rather than step up and stop the crime?

One wonder why Adil was not armed herself, as was Don Radcliff, a West Virginia pharmacist, who gunned down a would be robber at his pharmacy in February.

Police issued warrant for the arrest of Darnell Thomas, Jr., 30, in connection with the attempted robbery.

So far, police claim that 15 other robberies had occurred in Lexington since January of this year. The similarities in many of the robberies is a silver or tan sedan with a missing hubcap.

If you have any information that could lead to arrests, please call Bluegrass Crime Stoppers at 859-253-2020 or 1-877-970-2020.

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