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Exclusive – Ferguson Insider: Jury Decision Expected to Bring “Riots Worse than the LA Riots”

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Published on: November 8, 2014

In an exclusive interview with Sons of Liberty Media, a local firefighter in the Ferguson, Missouri area told us that they are on high alert as the decision of whether or not to charge Officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown comes out on Sunday. The fireman said, “We have been told to expect riots worse than the LA riots.”

According to the firefighter, the grand jury will release whether or not Wilson will be charged on Sunday. He went on to tell us, “We have just been told at work the decision on the Ferguson shooting is coming out Sunday. State, federal, local law enforcement and the (National) Guard will be in the area.”

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

In referencing the expectation of riots worse than those in Los Angeles, the fireman said, “Okay it’s getting deep here in Missouri now. Our department was contacted and all fire and EMS are being contacted to get ambulances and fire crew ready to respond state wide over Ferguson. With less than an hour’s notice, so we are in it deep”

He also told us that the St. Louis area already had four Blackhawk helicopters flying around Ferguson. “Military air power flying the area now.”

Additionally, he said a large federal corporate agency told their employees to “pack their bags and leave the area on Friday.” “Military air power flying the area now”

He later told us that he found out how much aid state-wide would be demanded. “They want us ready to respond with an ambulance with a minimum of 3 personnel or fire apparatus with full crew anywhere in the state. The main focus is any town with a college or university. This seems very odd to me.”

Odd indeed. Why the necessity to respond to any town with a college or university? Why is the concentration not on Ferguson completely?

My initial guess would be to reference back to the race baiters and the agent provocateurs that are coming in from the government to really get things riled up.

Other reports coming out are that it isn’t just what our source is telling us, but places of business are boarding up their windows and police are re-stocking their tear gas.

The August 9 shooting of Michael Brown resulted in both peaceful protests and violent rioting and looting. This resulted in a show of force by the militarized police in Missouri

Some believe that this event is not just about implementing martial law, but about handing over America’s sovereignty to the United Nations.

While some citizens were smart enough to be armed and protect their families and places of businesses rather than be dependent upon police for help, which an anti-gun Democrat senator was arrested with a loaded 9mm while she was allegedly drunk.

Obama said that citizens who were trying to protect themselves from violent criminals by carrying a gun were “undermining justice.” Police were also told to stand down when they witnessed rampant looting taking place.

At the end of October, protesters attacked a white man as he passed by and Michael Brown’s mother and a group of people were involved in shutting down a relative’s place of business, assaulting another relative and stealing $1400.

Additionally, Ferguson protestors have issued a list of 18 “Rules of Engagement,” which are a set of restraints on the police response to expected rioting. Here’s the list as provided by CNN. The irony of the first listed ROE is quite telling, don’t you think?

Ferguson Protestors Rules of Engagement 11-6-14

Personally, I would encourage everyone who remains in the area to be armed and prepared to defend themselves and their property. While I highly doubt that sharia loving governor Jay Nixon will actually do anything to encourage such a move, it is a wise move nonetheless.

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