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Former Adviser to Margaret Thatcher: Texas Should Secede

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Published on: June 11, 2016

“Will the people of Texas find the courage to break free and establish a libertarian paradise in the Lone Star State? I pray that they will.” – Lord Monckton

Lord Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount of Brenchley, is a popular figure among American and European conservatives. The brilliant firebrand who was a longtime adviser to “the Iron Lady,” former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, is still stoking conservative fires with his common sense perspective on policy. In a recent interview with the Daily Caller, Lord Monckton argued that the best thing Texas could do for itself (and for the world) would be to secede from the rest of the nation. Monckton cleverly used the current British debate over exiting the European Union, or “Brexit,” to draw correlations for Texas independence.

Calling the maneuver “Texit,” Monckton argues that Texas independence is the most likely way to preserve the best of American culture, tradition, heritage, and politics.

From the Daily Caller:

Monckton begins his case for secession by highlighting the flaws in the American system:

“The United States Constitution has not proven sufficiently robust against the relentless increase in federal power and wealth at the expense of the states,” Monckton said, “and the Supreme Court has increasingly aggrandized itself by inflicting new law on all states.”

“Unquestionably,” Monckton continued, “the quickest solution to this problem for Texas is to exercise the right of secession, which instantly cuts off altogether the power of the federal government to interfere in Texan affairs.”

Monckton points to America’s porous border security as the most important reason for Texas Independence, while also using the opportunity to mock Donald Trump’s “border wall” as an effective solution.

“Texas currently faces incursions from two principal directions – Islamic refugees, genuine or not, and Hispanic migrants from Mexico and all parts of South America. Military action would not necessarily be the most effective method of controlling immigration,” said Monckton.

“Mr. Trump’s proposal to build and staff a Great Wall of America right along the southern border would, if implemented, be expected to have the same disastrous effect on the national economy as the Great Wall of China had.”

“Instead, it should enhance the competitive advantage that its independence will confer upon it by paying lower welfare rates than the Union pays,” suggested Monckton.  Specifically, Monckton recommended “denying both the right of permanent residence and the right to receive any welfare benefits” to anyone from outside Texas and anyone who has not lived in Texas for at least five years.

On Islam Monckton has an even more controversial plan for the new Texas nation – outlaw the Quran.

“Texas might also consider whether and in what manner to outlaw incitement to hatred or to violence. For instance, the Quran contains – on almost every page – violent passages inciting Muslims to hate and even to kill unbelievers,” said Monckton.

“One measure to deal with this problem might be to require every edition of the Quran circulated within Texas to mark out in red all such passages and to contain a plain warning in an introductory page that reading any such passages out loud…would be prosecutable as an offense of incitement to hatred and violence.”

While Monckton’s plan may seem far-fetched, there may one day come a time when many American conservatives look South to Texas as the last great hope for the Republic. Liberal, big government policies are eroding most areas of our country, and most of the conservative states outside of Texas are simply too small to effectively secede. No, if Monckton’s plan is to be successful, it would have to be Texas leading the way.

The question is just how fed up would the average Texas voter need to become to be willing to divorce themselves from the rest of the nation? I’d bet a lot of voters are getting awfully close to that point.

Article posted with permission from Eagle Rising.

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