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Former FBI Director Kallstrom: FBI Patriots Ready To Expose Shenanigans In Organization

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Published on: December 20, 2017

How many dog and pony shows have Americans witnessed occurring in Washington, DC, the nation’s corruption capital supreme?

From Congressional hearings where Representatives and Senators erupt in phony outrage at injustice, corruption and crime to investigations consuming billions of dollars the government does not have, the American people watch as “theater” plays out without any ending or resolution in sight.

It has come to the point these political hacks don’t even throw a bone to the public anymore.

Now, Americans will be presented with another “theater” presentation.

This time it comes from former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom who claims there are individuals within the FBI organization that may soon go public “with huge new revelations that could sink the credibility of the ‘Russian collusion’ investigation.”

Paul Joseph Watson at reported:

Kallstrom said that a “5th estate” has been working to sabotage President Trump, lead by “a bunch of sycophants in the FBI” who are guilty of “obstruction of justice”.

He added that the goal from the outset was to “destroy the presidency of the United States,” a claim backed up by the revelation that top anti-Trump FBI agents had settled on an “insurance policy,” namely the ‘Russian collusion’ investigation, to topple Trump if he defeated Hillary.

“They were in Andy (McCabe’s) office plotting some kind of thing and I think that ‘some kind of thing’ is what we are seeing right now,” said Kallstrom, remarking that the entire Russian investigation was “very depressing” for many patriotic FBI agents.

Kallstrom agreed with host Stuart Varney that a “cabal” within the FBI and DOJ that protected Hillary Clinton has been attempting to bring down Donald Trump for the past year.

The former assistant director then dropped a bombshell, suggesting that insiders within the FBI are about to go public with new revelations about Mueller and Comey.

Pardon me while I cough and call “bull manure” on this calculated leak to keep real American patriot citizens in check.

There is a reason that this “information” from Kallstrom can be looked upon with plenty of skepticism.

In fact, there is more than one.

First, anyone, regardless of where one is employed in the government, who respects, follows, supports, and upholds the Constitution for the united States of America, would not sit back in silence, watching, while a group of individuals undermines the constitutional electoral process.

Knowing of treason and remaining silent is the same as being complicit in that treason.

The Constitution defines treason as “levying war against them (the united States), adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.”

To engage in supplanting a constitutionally elected president is levying war against the States.

Second, these individuals, whom Kallstrom calls “patriots,” in the FBI knew or had to know what Director James Comey did to exonerate Hillary Clinton of federal crimes.

Whether it is called “gross negligence” or “extremely careless” matters not.

Clinton violated the law.

However, the FBI director recommended no charges be levied against Clinton, which is not within his purview to do.

That discretion belongs to the Department of Justice.

Yet, they chose to remain silent.

Why would they come forward now?

Third, it matters not how many individuals in government “come forward” with information proving conspiracy within a government organization.

Nothing ever happens.

Hearing after hearing leads nowhere and Attorney Jeff Sessions has been “out to lunch” more than he has performed his duties.

Let’s not forget that Congress has been given the “finger” by the majority of government agencies, particularly the FBI.

Moreover, Democrats, and some Republicans, have continually given a “pass” to these agencies.

But, Kallstrom continued:

“I think recent events, that I’m aware of, are going to improve that, because there’s going to be something actually something that’s going to happen in my view,” he said.

“I think there’s a lot of patriots that have just had it up to here, with what’s going on. And they’re to step forward and tell people what the shenanigans have been, how they shut down the Clinton Foundation investigation, how other things, you know, were done that are so anti what the FBI and United States is all about,” Kallstrom added.

Guaranteed these so-called patriots will be “Arkancided” or given the “Flynn treatment” should they come forward.

And, as asked before, “why come forward now?”

Why not come forward when it occurred?

It’s simple.

These people either don’t exist or they exist to lull the public into thinking something is about to drop that will profoundly change what is happening in the District of Corruption.

In particular, put a stop to the forces undermining Trump.

Let’s look at Donna Brazile.

This woman admitted to wrong-doing.

Yet, she got a pass, wrote a book and the enemedia paraded her on TV as some pariah.

And, what about the voting system?

It has been proven the voting system, using backdoor algorithms, can be shifted without anyone knowing.

There is no accountability with paper records to back up the results.

Yet, the States use the popular vote to assign their electoral votes for president.

As Josef Stalin once said, “It matters not who votes.  It is who counts the votes.”

But, Kallstrom would like the American public to believe that “patriotic,” anonymous FBI agents are going to “shake things up” by revealing “shenanigans” occurring in the “5th estate” to the people.

How about providing proof?

How about doing the job of arresting and charging criminals in government with the crimes committed, regardless of station?

How about applying the law equally?

Call me a skeptic or cynic, it matters not which.

The FBI has been politicized to the point of taking sides against the American public, coerced into allowing criminals in the government to operate with impunity, and engaged in covering their backside and protecting government criminals to the point of criminality inside the entire organization.

The big question is what purpose does it serve for these few “patriots” to expose criminality knowing nothing will happen?

And, these “patriots” are going to risk all for the continued status quo?

I call a big “nothing” burger on this one.

Are we going to get fries with that?

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