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Former New York Governor George Pataki: Muslims Inciting on the Internet Need to be Arrested

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Published on: April 28, 2015

Former New York Governor George Pataki opened the Republican Jewish Coalition spring conference Friday night – and in this video we have obtained from a closed-to-the-media session, he makes a very strong play on a number of key issues.


While Pataki says that “BDS is not a human rights movement, it is anti-Semitic,” he also spoke about what he called The Jackson Rule: Anyone involved in recruiting or fundraising for ISIS, Hamas, or any other terrorist organization will face criminal charges in the U.S.

Pataki – very rightly – said, “The Internet does not provide a special safe haven to suspend the laws against incitement to acts of violence against America.”  How right he is. Pataki raised five points he said all Jewish donors should ask before giving to a GOP candidate – and they include supporting no more peace talks with the Palestinians and also vowing to overturn any deal Obama does with the Iranians.

In a recent ABC interview, Pataki said, “We have got to be proactive in destroying ISIS and any group that poses a clear threat to our safety here in the United States before they have the chance to carry out those attacks. … I believe we have to take action now, including, if necessary — and I believe it probably is — boots on the ground, to go in, destroy this nest of poisonous vipers before they can attack us here. … But we have to launch a quick, powerful sudden strike that destroys as much of ISIS and any other radical Islamic groups that pose a threat to our security here — and then get out. I honestly believe we are at greater risk of an attack in the United States today than at any time since Sept. 11.”

Pataki also said he wouldn’t “tolerate anything on that site that denigrates America” – and the Ground Zero Mosque was “dead wrong.”

Now, in his super pac, he is “strongly considering a run.”

Every candidate needs to be strong on the enemy within and countering the Islam in America movement which is growing.


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