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Here’s What True Diversity Supporting Traditional Marriage Looks Like

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Published on: April 28, 2015

The battle rages across the country over marriage and what constitutes marriage. Many on the left have tried framing the questions as a civil rights issue. Christians and others have sought to bring it back to a moral issue. And as the sides are drawn up, there is given the impression that there are two distinct combatants. There is Evangelical, right-wing nuts on the one side and the rest of the country on the other side. The idea that the fundamental Bible thumper is the only one opposing sodomite unions is becoming harder for the left to perpetrate.

The Christian Post reports:

What may have been the most diverse gathering of activists ever in Washington, D.C., gathered Saturday to “March for Marriage.”

While the rainbow is often used as a symbol of diversity for the Gay Rights Movement, an impressive array of racial and ethnic backgrounds were evident among those united to defend marriage.

The march is to promote the traditional understanding of marriage, and seek to defend that understanding in America. The great thing is that there is not just evangelical fundamentalist seeking to defend Biblical Marriage. It is not just white people who want to see Marriage remain as it always has been. There would have been no other topic that would have drawn such a diverse group of speakers as this event did, Sunday.

Breitbart reports:

Speakers include two prominent black pastors, pointing up the strong opposition to same-sex marriage in the black community, also Senator Ruben Diaz of the New York State Senate pointing to the strong support among Hispanics for man-woman marriage.

Reality TV star Josh Duggar, who is now Executive Director of Family Research Council Action, will speak, along with Pastor Jim Garlow of the mega Skyline Church in San Diego and three Archbishops of the Catholic Church in America: William Lori of Baltimore, who also chairs the Bishop’s committee on religious freedom, John Joseph McIntyre of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, and Joseph Kurtz of Louisville who is also President of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.

This wide group of people from different faiths, ethnicities, and professions have gathered to speak out. Not just against sodomite unions, but for something. They believe that marriage is defined for us by something more than what our culture practices. They understand that this institution was not created by man, therefore, it cannot be twisted to fit what man wants.

This coming together might be God’s purpose in allowing this sinful practice to take such a hold on our culture.

“I don’t know what the Supreme Court will do [on gay marriage],” Brown continued. “I do know that God has His own purposes. The reality is we’re working together in ways that we’ve never worked together before, with people of different faiths, different backgrounds. If that’s the only thing that comes out of this, that’s a big thing.”

A big thing indeed.


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