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Former Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic Head to Pastors: Your People Are Waiting for You to Lead them on this Issue. Be Their Leader

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Published on: September 29, 2014

“Now tell me, what does that mean to be noble? Your title gives you claim to the throne of our country, but men don’t follow titles, they follow courage. Now our people know you. Noble, and common, they respect you. And if you would just lead them to freedom, they’d follow you. And so would I.”

-William Wallace to Robert the Bruce (Braveheart)

This past Thursday, I was privileged to be able to attend the 2014 Georgia Right to Life banquet, courtesy of a dear Christian brother. At the event, we were introduced to former Planned Parenthood abortion clinic head Abby Johnson, who gave a cry reminiscent of Braveheart to America’s pastors: “Pastors, we need your leadership on this issue. Your people are waiting for you to lead them.”

This former abortion salesperson, as she dubbed herself, said that people use to come up to her and ask her how she went from being someone who was raised in a Christian home with amazing parents and a straight “A” student to being a provider of abortion, which under her watch, murdered more than 20,000 babies. She honestly declared, “It happened just a little bit at a time because that’s the way that sin works.”

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“Just little by little, your life changes…. You begin to rationalize and justify your sin and all the sudden you don’t even know who you are,” she told the audience of more than 400 in attendance.

This was a woman that was named Planned Parenthood’s 2009 employee of the year due to the amount of money she took in for the organization. At that year’s Planned Parenthood event, she was seated at the front table alongside none other than Hillary Clinton, that year’s Margaret Sanger Circle award, the highest honored award from Planned Parenthood.

I sat amazed at her words, knowing that she was honest and genuine about what she had been involved in, but more importantly understanding that she was also genuinely repentant.

Among some of the things she Johnson told us that night was what the real war on women was about. She informed us that the majority of abortions are performed with a rigid plastic tube (a cannula) that is inserted into the woman’s womb and a “blind procedure” took place. This “blind procedure” was the abortionist merely moving the tube around until he or she thought they were attached to the baby and then a vacuum would be turned on and the baby would be sucked out limb from limb.

In one particular case, Johnson recalled one young lady who had the “safe and legal” abortion procedure performed on her and later had abdominal pains. She returned to the Planned Parenthood clinic and she was given some antibiotics. A week later, with a 106 degree fever, she went to the emergency room. Upon examination, this young woman, who was in her early 20’s was told she would need an emergency hysterectomy because the doctor had shoved the cannula through her uterus and her reproductive organs were covered in gangrene.

There’s a lot more horrific tales that Johnson told, including the fact that she declared that her purpose was to reduce the number of abortions, but she found out that she had doubled them in one year.

Her chief recollection was that she had to lie to herself to continue doing what she was doing until one day, while helping with a procedure, she looked at an ultrasound (something rarely used in the murder or the unborn) and saw the child and heard its heartbeat, but she did nothing as its life was snuffed out.

That was the turning point for her. She recalled that she also had had an abortion, even though she was a mother with a small child. While her pastor’s messages on homosexuality and tithing, which are biblical to teach on, were recalled, she doesn’t remember one sermon against the sin of abortion and a call to the people to repentance.

Johnson confessed to having two abortions in her life.

“The Sundays before both my abortions, I sat in church,” she told the crowd. “The Sundays after my two abortions, I sat in church.”

During all eight years that she worked for Planned Parenthood and attended faithfully her church, a Southern Baptist church, she never was never confronted about her sin… never.

She called upon the people of God to stop the compromising and look the evil in the face and declare, “No more! Not one more!” If we would do just that, “we would end abortion just like that,” she said.

In recounting that nearly 70% of abortions come from women in our churches. As a result, she called upon pastors to be the spiritual leaders they are supposed to be rather than the cowards we have read that many have said they are. She then gave a message to pastors.

“When you are silent on the issue of abortion, you are telling the men and women in your congregation one of two things: We don’t really know where God stands on abortion because it’s not ‘technically’ in the Bible… or more than likely you are telling them that their sin is too big to bring to the foot of the cross, and we know that is a lie,” Johnson said.

She concluded her message to pastors with exhortation.

“Pastors, we need your leadership on this issue. Your people are waiting for you to lead them. Be their leader. Be their shepherd. Tend your flock!”

I encourage pastors everywhere to do just what Johnson advocated and teach their people God’s law and what true repentance is. Keep Georgia Right to Life in your prayers and in your financial contributions as it is making waves across the nation and states are following the legislation passed in Georgia to protect the unborn.

Finally, I’m including the recording I made while at the event. I missed the first couple of minutes and there is a couple of voices mixed in (mine and Bradlee Dean), but for those who still want to claim “It’s a woman’s choice,” I would just encourage you to hear from a woman that made that choice to murder her babies and saw thousands of others do it too. Then hear the message of redemption that Jesus Christ forgives repentant murderers.

You can listen to Abby’s keynote from the 2014 Georgia Right to Life Banquest by click here.

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