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Maryland County Commission Candidate: If You’re not Catching Flak, You’re not Over the Target – I’m Catching a Lot of Flak

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Published on: September 29, 2014

Michael Peroutka is running for office in Anne Arundel County Maryland and he’s catching a lot of flak because of his views of God and government.

“They say that if you’re not catching flak, that you’re not over the target,” Peroutka told Sons of Liberty Media. “I am catching a great deal of flak in this local race in Anne Arundel County Maryland.”

Peroutka has been called a “secessionist,” a “racist,” and a host of other names. However, Peroutka said that the charges of being a racist were without any merit. In fact, he said that he has been linked to the League of the South, but he added that noticeably absent from the reports was any statement or action on his part that indicates that he is racist. Obviously, this is merely an attempt to smear the name of a good man. We expect this from communists though, don’t we?

“It’s a name calling thing, which is a leftist tactic,” said Peroutka. “So what’s really at issue is that I stand for the American view of law and government, which involves… you know, like our founders stood for, which is that God is the author of law and the author of rights, and the purpose of government is to protect those God-given rights.”

Peroutka went on to address why he is getting the opposition. “There are many people for whom that is an inconvenient view, even though it’s the American view and it’s the view in our founding documents and in our Constitution. They would rather not be held to the standard of the Constitution or to the standard of God’s law because that’s inconvenient for people who basically have socialist or Marist tendencies and a Marxist agenda.”

Sadly, this is not limited to just one party and it definitely encompasses the media in general. Peroutka said that there are both Democrats and Republicans who want to “keep a Marxist/socialist gravy train going for them.”

Peroutka said that taxation is both “out of control” and “unsustainable.”

In his county, they actually passed a tax on the rain, which Peroutka wrote about here. It’s true, government in Anne Arundel County now thinks it is God and can tax the rain He provides for free!

“They’re taxing God’s evaporation cycle!” he said with disgust. “It’s just absurd.”

Michael has discovered as he has been out knocking on doors to speak to the people of his county that many of them are preparing to leave the county due to the ridiculous taxation they are being put under. From military families to families that are nearing retirement age, people are considering getting out of Maryland because they don’t want all of their hard earned money going to government.

The rain tax isn’t all that the county is looking to tax. They are also looking to tax people’s mileage.

“Somebody’s got to stand against that, and that’s what I’m willing to do if people will vote for me for county councilman,” Peroutka said. “I’m one of seven, if I get the seat, but I would stand against what our founders called ‘pretended legislation,’ like the rain tax and like the mileage tax and Common Core.”

He also spoke about the ridiculous “bathroom bill” that was passed last year in Maryland. That bill made it perfectly legal for a gender confused man to enter the women’s bathroom and be in there with your daughter or your wife! Peroutka will fight against this too.

Like you and I, Michael Peroutka has to tighten up in his household when things are tough, but he points out that never happens in government, whether federal, state or local. They always end up taxing the people more because they can’t control their spending.

“Making hard decisions or tightening the belt is not even on their radar screen,” he said. “They’re just looking for another way to find some scheme to tax the populace and that’s unsustainable and that’s what I’m willing to stand against.”

Peroutka’s Democrat opponent loves the rain tax. Patrick Armstrong, 31, lives at home with his parents and is a manager at Party City. While it’s good the young man has a job and apparently is an overseer in a company, the fact that he is still living at home with his parents should give any sane person pause to cast a vote for him.

Peroutka would not speak ill of Armstrong for that, even stating, “I give Patrick a ton of credit for taking the primary seriously.”

With that said, Peroutka told us that this young man apparently doesn’t pay property taxes because he lives with his parents, but if elected, he will be determining who will be paying them and how much.

Mr. Peroutka has been involved in a law firm with his brother in Maryland for 27 years. He ran as the Constitution Party’s presidential candidate in 2004. His organization The American View teaches people the Constitution. He has been an open book to be read by those who have the courage to actually look without making things up.

As Michael has so eloquently stated, God’s Word — the Bible — is the ultimate law book and the ultimate guide for all actions of civil government at all levels… (and) it is NOT true that government is separate from and owes no allegiance to God and His Word.”

So the question for the people of Anne Arundel County is whether they want a God fearing man who wants to let them keep more of their money and truly fight on their behalf for real, small government or whether they want someone who seems lacking in any real life experience and doesn’t appear to even be self-sustaining. Seems like a pretty clear cut decision, don’t you think?

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