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Fox Links Anti-Abortion and White Supremacists after Planned Parenthood Fire

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Published on: September 6, 2015

There have been many, I am sure, that have thought about wanting to do the same.  We do not act because of fear or our upbringing, but the desire to see Planned Parenthood burned to the ground has been felt by many, however briefly.  And now that someone has actually done it, the mainstream news has swooped in to downplay and demonize.

Fox reports:

An early morning fire that heavily damaged a Washington state Planned Parenthood clinic was arson, fire investigators determined on Friday.

Pullman Fire Department investigator Chris Wehrung also said a task involving local agencies was investigating with the help of federal agencies. He didn’t release any other details.

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Now, we know that, for the past few months, Planned Parenthood has been at the center of much controversy.  And the propaganda arm of our government – mainstream media – has sought to defend, deny, or belittle any accusations against the baby-killers.  Fox has not been immune to this type of word play.  For example.

Fox reported:

Many protesters referenced a series of videos released by anti-abortion activists in California that appeared to show Planned Parenthood executives saying the organization profits from the sale of aborted fetal tissue. Planned Parenthood denied allegations and contended the videos were heavily edited.

First, the “news” organization throws doubt on the validity of the video.  They say that the video “appears” to show.  What this does to the casual reader is places in their mind the possibility that these videos do not show these executives admitting to selling baby parts.  I mean, if the right-leaning Fox is not sure that these videos are authentic, they may not be.  So, now, through this misdirection and subliminal messaging, when they watch the next

Now that Fox has put doubt in your mind, there is also the bonus of connecting the organization who made the video with the act of arson.  Fox essentially told you and me that the reason that Planned Parenthood was firebombed was this video, which was highly edited.

Then, to complete the defamation of the anti-abortion group, Fox neatly connects pro-life activists and white-supremacy.

Fox reports:

The FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are involved in the investigation because of the history of anti-abortion activists targeting health care providers offering abortion services, FBI Special Agent Frank Harrill said.

In one sentence, Fox both whitewashes Planned Parenthood and smears pro-life activists.  The two federal agencies are involved in the case, “because of the history of anti-abortion activists targeting health care providers offering abortion services.”  Oh! Well, shame on those mean activists.  They are attacking health care providers.

This sentence also causes the reader to ask the crucial question the article was building to, what is the history?

Fox continues:

In 1996, a Planned Parenthood clinic in Spokane Valley was bombed. Four men were convicted in the blast. They were members of a white supremacist, anti-abortion group.

And there it is: the propaganda is complete.  We now have a sympathetic Planned Parenthood, who is being attacked and exploited by racists because of a doctored video that probably is not correctly representing what was actually said.

And though you might laugh at this, this will be the way many would read this article.  Most do not have the skill or the inclination to read critically.  We have been taught to believe what we read, and this leaves us vulnerable.


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