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Trump Demonstrates He Does Not Understand the Constitution: Claims Sodomite “Marriage” is “Law of the Land”

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Published on: September 5, 2015

While Donald Trump has certainly stirred the pot against the establishment, and for that I’m truly grateful, the fact is that I have been stand-offish on the man because I knew there are things that will come to the surface on him. This week The Donald proclaimed ignorantly that same-sex “marriage” is the “law of the land.”

While Trump said that he wished Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis was not in jail for refusing to ignore Kentucky law for a lawless Bush appointed judge’s orders, he claims that the Supreme Court is the final arbiter of the matter and that redefining marriage to include those who engage in the lawless behavior of sodomy is the “law of the land.”

Appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Trump said, “You have to go with it.”

“Well, look, the decision came down from the Supreme Court, Gene, so I’m a believer on both sides of the picture. I would say the simple answer is let her clerks do it,” he said. “I hate to see her being put in jail. I understand what they’re doing. It would be certainly nice if she didn’t do it, but other people in her office do it. But from what I understand, she won’t allow other people in her office to do it.”

“I would say the simple answer is let her clerks do it,” he said. “Now from what I understand she’s not letting the clerks do it either. The other simple answer is rather than going through this — because it’s really a very, very sticky situation and terrible situation — 30 miles away they have other places, they have many other places where you get licensed. And you have them actually quite nearby, that’s another alternative.”

Well Donald, again, this is why one running for the office of Chief Law Enforcement Officer, which is what the President is (he executes the law), one must understand law and understand how it is applied. This is why I said that every presidential candidate must be asked about their understanding of the Constitution. We don’t need a businessman, an attorney or any of that. We need someone that understands the Constitution and will enforce it, period.

But Trump disregards that for someone else in the office violating the law. Get that? He is actually endorsing violating the law! A Supreme Court decision is not law, as the Constitution invests Congress only with the power to legislate, and that is only limited.

“And Gene, she can take a pass and let somebody else in the office do it in terms of religious,” he added. “So you know, it’s a very tough situation. But we are a nation, as I said yesterday, we’re a nation of laws. And I was talking about borders, and I was talking about other things, but it applies to this also. And the Supreme Court has ruled. Would be nice to have other people in her office do what they have to do.”

Trump’s answer, of course, ignores the fact that under Kentucky law, those other clerks would be violating the law just as much as Kim Davis would be in issuing marriage licenses to sodomites.

Furthermore, why is Donald Trump not calling on Sheriff Jack Carter to enforce Kentucky’s laws against sodomites? They are the lawbreakers in all of this, along with Judge David Bunning.

Trump has his issues. When a man tells you that he has never asked forgiveness from God, yet claims to be a Protestant Presbyterian who sat under the liberal, positive thinking, neuro-linguistic programming endorser Norman Vincent Peale, that should wave a red flag. When a man says that he hasn’t repented (a proper response to the true Gospel of Jesus Christ (Acts 2:38)), but claims Christ, that should be a red flag. When, in one breath, he says we should defund Planned Parenthood and then with the next he says we can keep funding parts of Planned Parenthood (something that is unconstitutional) because murdering babies is only a “small part of what they do,” that should be a red flag.

I understand my fellow Americans like him because he speaks his mind and doesn’t back down. Let me say, so do I. However, that is not what it takes to be president. Just understand Christians, if he feels this way about something that is not law, and will allow it to go on with your sister in the Lord Kim Davis, what makes you think he won’t only allow, but enforce it on you too? Think about that just a moment before you justify his comments.

Our laws have been based upon the laws of God. God has never rescinded the laws against sodomy, nor its punishment… never! And no, Jesus didn’t rescind it in John 8. And for those with “Judge not lest ye be judged” on your keyboard imprinted fingers, why do you do a little reading and understand the context of the passage before typing your response and showing your ignorance.

And no, I’m not pushing for a Democrat or an establishment RINO. Anyone leveling that charge against me is willfully ignorant or hasn’t read any of my articles. However, this is huge. What is any difference in Trump’s stand on this issue than that of Barack Hussein Obama. That he doesn’t like the fact that Davis is in jail? That’s words. His stand is the same when it comes to law and the Supreme Court opinion, which is not law.

God established the Law. Governments are to be ministers of that Law. Our early founders knew this and enshrined laws against sodomy in the law of the sovereign states. Trump would do well to understand that Bible, which he claims is his favorite book, and he would do well to understand the Constitution.

Sadly, many who scorned Barack Obama over the redefining of marriage will rake me over the coals for this piece, but I ask you as the apostle Paul asked the Galations in chapter 4, verse 16, “Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?” For some, the answer will be yes.

Trump is a leader, no doubt. Trump is a business man that has made lots of money, no doubt. Trump knows how to stir it up and control, no doubt. However, keep your eyes open for more signs that he is not what you think he is.

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