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France’s Marine Le Pen Takes Down Liberal Reporter: “People have no Confidence in the Media Whatsoever”

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Published on: March 24, 2017

France’s Marine Le Pen hit it out of the park when she responded to questions from a reporter and told her, “No one trusts the media.”

“You say: ‘Turn away from the traditional media, go and find news on the Internet!'” said the reporter.  “Aren’t you aware that it could be dangerous talking like that?”

(Insert laugh track after that question.)

“Why?” asked Le Pen.

The liberal reporter then uses the “C” word.

“On the Internet you can find conspiracy theories, all types of things… it’s not necessarily verified information,” the reporter answered.

Now, what’s interesting about that is the real conspiracy theories that are being pushed on the world.  First, let’s define what a conspiracy is.  Webster’s 1828 Dictionary defines the word “conspiracy” as:

1. A combination of men for an evil purpose; an agreement between two or more persons, to commit some crime in concert; particularly, a combination to commit treason, or excite sedition or insurrection against the government of a state; a plot; as a conspiracy against the life of a king; a conspiracy against the government.

More than forty had made this conspiracy Acts 23:13.

2. In law, an agreement between two or more persons, falsely and maliciously to indict, or procure to be indicted, an innocent person of felony.

3. A concurrence; a general tendency of two or more causes to one event.

So, to be clear, for something to be a conspiracy, just two people have to be knowingly involved in a plot, according to the definition.  With that in mind, how many people do you think were involved in this plot by CNN?

Or remember this classic by the network that is currently being sued for $30 million after a judge declared they engaged in reckless reporting “with malice”?

Or how about we go across the pond to the BBC and this conspiracy fact “fake news” report.

Yep, these are supposed to be “credible news sources” that “verify” the news. I don’t know about you, but it looks like they were fabricating news out of thin air.  Perhaps this reporter has not read of such stories before.

Fake news is not just the enemy of the American people, it’s the enemy of people worldwide!

Getting back to Le Pen, she responded to the reporter’s claims of “conspiracy theories” in news sources on the internet by asking, “Don’t you think the traditional media have conspiracy theories?”

One would have to answer “yes” based simply on the above video evidence and there are countless thousands of articles from the mainstream media that could be cited to make the point.

“I have read a ton of things about Russia intervening in the presidential campaign and other things like that,” Le Pen continued.  “I mean, there is at least as much fake news in the traditional media as there is on the internet.”

“But tomorrow, all sorts of things could be written, for example about you, on the internet and you incite the people to go and find information on the internet about things that weren’t verified,” the reporter said.

“It could never be worse than what you guys are saying or what you write in the traditional newspapers, you know?” Le Pen responded.

Then the reporter just lost it.

“This little anti-media song, this little Trump-like aspect of yours worked in the United States, so you are applying it here in France?” she asked mockingly.

Le Pen then dropped the hammer, “Madame, the French people have no confidence in the media whatsoever.  Are you aware of that, or not?”

Apparently, this reporter, like many in the US media, was unaware that there is quite a number of people throughout the world that are tired of the propaganda and lies from the mainstream media.  Good for Ms. Le Pen for standing her ground and exposing this reporter to the truth.

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