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From Noahide Laws To Technofascism To Transhumanism

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Published on: September 2, 2020

In the previous Rotten to the Core show on The Sons of Liberty, we covered the Noahide laws and their implementation through education. In this episode, we’ll follow that up with the link to technofascism and ultimately to transhumanism, distorting the image of the Creator and turning men into the image of the devil. The Common Core Diva Lynne Taylor joins me to lay it all out.

Resources mentioned in this episode, as well as additional information from Lynne.

Forget Sharia, There’s A US Shift From The Constitution To Noahide Law

Link to Moment of Silence website: (Moment will tie to Rebbe Schneerson)

Moment of Silence YouTube video #1:

Their YouTube video #2:

How Christianity’s morals are being squeezed out and then use the 3rd image (reference to Schneerson from Moment)

My friend Alison’s been really researching this and has a scary, but timely, video on how AI will trap us.

1998 article link:

Musk’s link:

Sun link:

My article on brain assessments:
All my other articles on AI and education:

Federal AI Bills currently in the works:
S 1363 and HR 2575 Twin bills which expand the federal government with a new office creating an AI Center of Excellence for national activities at all levels of society in all aspects)
Senate direct bill link:
House direct bill link:

S 3901 AI scholarships (aka: loans) and indentured service in P3s, gov’t (all levels) and tribal lands
Direct bill link:

HR 827 (sits idle in committee, was covered on my blog in 2019: )
Direct bill link:

HR 7096 and S 3890 (Expands the federal government’s footprint on the nation via an AI Task Force for research. Openly admits data mining/tracking)
House direct bill link:
Senate direct bill link:

HR 7339 (AI Careers as defined by the federal gov’t and related P3s/NGOs. Uses CBE, competency based education (workforce prep)
Direct bill link:

HR 2613 (passed House and in Senate will attach AI to law enforcement and use geo-targeting orders will involve FinCEN as an authority)
Direct bill link:

FinCEN’s website:
(Be sure to look through the 8 pages. You’ll notice the Einsenhower Matrix for Banks image. Directly below that, on the following page, look for the WHO’s input on digital banking post-COVID is a must. This means AI is a ‘must’, too.)

All my research on FEPA (plays into AI):
All my research on USMCA (plays into AI):
*Note: each of these, USMCA and FEPA play into education and healthcare.

How Patriot Act, USMCA, FEPA, and, ESSA blend together:

Charlotte Iserbyt exposed Project BEST back during her time in DC. Here we are many years later and the CARES Act embedded funds for BEST in the name of AI and education;

The Detroit MI, airport security news link:

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