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Joe Biden’s “Big” Speech in Pittsburgh Included About 7 Reporters Sitting In Circles In A Huge Open Building

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Published on: September 2, 2020

Editor’s Note:  The DNC is not stupid people.  They are ungodly and criminal, yes, but not stupid.  They are doing nothing more than driving support to the incumbent president that sold us out to the USMCA, infringes on our rights, allows that attacks on the Bill of Rights via red flag laws, endorses Noahide laws, track and trace, using the military to give vaccines, spending us trillions of dollars in debt for corporate and banker bailouts, as well as Wall Street and more. This is nothing more than DC WWE, only in this, it isn’t just entertainment, it’s your livelihood, America…. none of this will make America great again. It is going to destroy us.  With Biden or with Trump, the globalist agenda marches forward to take down the united States.  One just does it with the mask off (no pun intended) while the other does it with the mask on.

Biden is dribbling, flapping tongue fool. The election isn’t about Biden, it’s about whether the Democrat-media complex still have the power to control information and election outcomes. Or is big media finally, mercifully dead?

And we are supposed to believe that Joe Biden is up big on President Trump in PA. It’s a joke. One of the many reasons that Joe Biden’s people want Biden relegated to his basement, is because his campaign lacks interest and energy. In fact, Joe Biden is perhaps the worst candidate to run for POTUS in our life time. Only voter fraud can save “Slow Joe” Biden from a humiliating route on November 3rd.

HOLY CRAP! Joe Biden’s “Big” Speech in Pittsburgh Today included About 7 Reporters Sitting in Circles in a Huge Open Building

By Gateway Pundit, August 31, 2020

This is absolutely stunning!
Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden held a rally today in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
It was his first flight out of Delaware in weeks.

Only a few dozen bothered to come out to see him.
This was just stunning.

And then, although they branded today’s event as a “campaign stop” there was NO ONE in the building!

Only about 7 reporters.

Later today the media released this photo from the event.


Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

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