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Georgia: Multiple Parents Shocked To Find School Cop Creepily Texting Their Middle School Daughters

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Published on: May 1, 2020

Cartersville, GA — Grooming is a manipulative process used by a sexual predator for the purpose of creating a sense of trust with a targeted person prior to the act of actual victimization. It’s through grooming that these vile sexual predators are able to convince their victims, often times children, not to report them and endure years of abuse. Over the years, TFTP has reported on countless child predators — many of whom are cops, who are tasked with protecting children at their schools. In the instance below, we get a look into how this alleged grooming takes place as a Cartersville police lieutenant appeared to be engaging in grooming multiple middle school girls — yet he was not arrested or even fired.

Cartersville Lt. Ryan Prescott quietly resigned amid an internal investigation into dozens of Snapchat messages he exchanged with preteen girls who attended the school at which he was the school resource officer. Prescott admitted to sending the messages to three girls, which the department found “unprofessional and inappropriate,” according to documents obtained by through an open records request.

Ironically enough, Prescott was tasked with teaching children classes on “Sexting and Social Media.” It was during these classes that Prescott engaged with several young girls and began texting with them.

As the AJC reports:

He said an eighth grade student showed him how to use Snapchat, which is when he began to message that student and two other girls, the documents said. Prescott told investigators that his intent was to “build a ‘trusting’ relationship with the student (who set up his account) since he had concerns about her being bullied.” He also said the student was having problems at home.

Aside from claiming that the girl repeatedly visited the school counselor, he couldn’t provide an example of why he thought she was experiencing bullying or problems at home, according to the documents.

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“When confronted with the comments he exchanged with the students, Prescott agreed that they may appear inappropriate but that was not his intent,” according to the documents.

The claim of not knowing they were inappropriate is likely a lie, especially considering the fact that he said so in the messages and was worried about be caught.

“Delete my messages Butthead,” the school cop wrote to the little girl. “Im deleting the app, im being set up.”

In one exchange, in the photos above, Prescott told girls he was “drunk texting everyone,” to which the child responded “drinking is bad” and “… why you do it. you supposed to be a good influence.”

When the parents found out that the school cop was “drunk texting” their children, naturally they were shocked.

Some of the parents who read the messages said that their daughters’ interactions with Prescott were not sexual in nature. However, they heard that Prescott was more explicit with other children, including “hooking up at school,” the document said.

In one message, according to the documents, Prescott told a girl to delete the messages because “rumors will spread.” But these were not rumors. This was really happening.

Prescott denied the accusations that he was grooming the girls, but when reading the texts, it is hard to come to any other conclusion.

While the aforementioned texts do not necessarily equate to criminal behavior, the next ones, not so much. One parent told investigators that “She felt the messages were inappropriate considering her daughter’s age and Prescott’s position with the school and the agency,” the documents said.

But inappropriate is an understatement.

Prescott admitted to investigators that he discussed a girl’s sexual orientation in an effort to “build a relationship with her,” the documents said.

As AJC reports, Prescott continually asked the girl if she had a boyfriend, and she eventually replied that she was interested in a girl at school, according to the Snapchat messages.

He then asked, “Do all your friends know you like girls butt? Lmao” before asking her to “send me a pic of her.”

Prescott was engaging in the solicitation of images from children, hardly the conduct of an upstanding school cop, and more like the conduct of a child-grooming pedophile.

Nevertheless, Prescott resigned quietly and, according to AJC, the investigation concluded that he violated Cartersville Police Department standard operating procedures, the documents said. They cited three sections that he violated, including “professional image,” “social networking” and “conduct unbecoming.”

Despite their findings, no criminal charges have been filed in regard to Prescott’s case.

Article posted with permission from Matt Agorist

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