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Whitmer & The Democrats Love To Control Your Every Action – Stand Firm!

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Published on: May 1, 2020

After viewing the process that occurred in Lansing yesterday, it becomes apparent that as the result of the Covid-19 virus, our governor took action to shut down Michigan on her own volition. Initially, the legislature agreed and gave her more time, until April 30 to take Michigan into an emergency powers situation. As a result, we have seen draconian rulings where for the first time healthy people were quarantined without due process. She asked the legislature to extend her authority for a few more days. They didn’t do it. Last night they refused her extension. Literally, she does not have the right to usurp the legislature at her will. If she really believed that, she would have never asked for an extension from the legislature in the first place. She then became a dictator operating outside the state’s statutes. The question is will the police obey the governor or state statutes?

What people have to know is that juries can nullify any laws that they deem unconstitutional in their opinion. Juries can say they disagree with the law and therefore this person is not guilty. In this case, that is what should happen with Gov. Whitmer’s rulings that were based on her understanding of her rights as the governor extending her shutdown until May 28. She wants us to relinquish our rights in the legislature. That IS our voice. That’s why we elect them. This brings us close to exactly what our forefathers warned us about and tried to prevent. It also brings us closer to socialism where people look to government for all their needs-more free money, more free housing, more government control in every aspect of our lives- the opposite of capitalism. This is exactly what Obama pushed as president-socialism/communism as well. He was raised by Muslim communists. Apples don’t fall far from the tree.

A little history:

I’ve always said you can tell where a person is going based on where they’ve been. President Obama was raised by his mother primarily; however, his real father was a Muslim communist. Likewise, his stepfather was a Muslim communist. He was educated in Indonesia at a Muslim school and came to America on a foreign student visa. As a result of his experiences, he pushed us towards socialism. He views that one person’s poverty is because of another’s success and wealth. Total garbage.

America was not built on socialism. It was built as a republic by men who fell to their knees in prayer to God ( not Allah) and gave us the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. These two documents were formulated to prevent the very thing that’s happening today in America. Those of you who have lived here from birth and have never seen the terrible ramifications of socialism, tend to be apathetic. My military background and numerous briefings and visits to communist countries have left me with great fear and anger for those that propose more and more social programs, including Obamacare and our Michigan governor’s actions. If we don’t stop this progression in America and in our State soon, we will have lost what so bravely was purchased by the blood of many. You never know how badly you miss something until you no longer have it. This is certainly true for freedom. For this reason, I ask you to more rigorously vet those you vote for and convince just one other person to change their vote. Too many make promises and then retreat from their promises for personal gain once in office and are often persuaded to change by dollars thrown their way by a lobbyist. This is true for democrats and republicans.

Any politician that attempts to take your guns or any God-given constitutional rights is attempting to take your freedom. Don’t vote for them. Remember, we have a national GOP platform and it is diametrically the opposite of the Democrat’s. If you don’t know what it is, read it. Also, read the recent GOP resolutions passed. They’re good. They support your rights to bear arms and constitutional rights. The UN and Obama were not gun-friendly, nor was he or Whitmer constitutionally friendly.

Republicans are often outmaneuvered by Democrats because they go for the heart, not the head as Republicans usually do. One must ask what the person wants out of life and show them how to achieve it via capitalist principles. Democrat principles breed dependence and poverty just as it is occurring in Michigan today. Which would you rather have?

Some in the GOP want to change our platform to the left to attract votes. I don’t for many reasons, the biggest being, it won’t work. You’ll lose more than you’ll gain, me included. Stand firm! Whitmer and the democrats love to control your every action on the basis of keeping you safe, fed and housed. That is a recipe for disaster. Legislative oversight is absolutely necessary. When it’s disregarded, you have tyranny and a dictatorship.

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