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A Girl with No Legs Became the Best Tumbler in the State

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Published on: February 18, 2015

There are many people who say, “You know, I can’t do it. It is too hard.” Well, it seems like people with less limbs than you or people who do not have as many abilities as you do, can do more than you without complaining. The Bible says to do everything with murmuring and complaining (Philippians 2:14).

Have you ever been walking through a mall, having a bad day, and all of the sudden, you look at someone in a wheelchair with no legs with a big smile on his or her face? Your attitude is suddenly changed because you now realize how much you have to be grateful for. Listen to this short story:

There once was a woman who had three children. However, out of the three children that she had at different times in her life, two of them were born normal and one of them wasn’t. One of her babies was born with no legs. So, this cruel mother left the baby at the hospital and abandoned the baby with no legs. However, there was a kind lady at the hospital who was bothered that this baby was left alone and knew she needed a family to love her. So, she and her husband adopted the child and brought her up as their own. Her name is Jennifer Bricker.

As Jennifer started to grow, it was her dream was to become a gymnast/acrobat.

Jennifer’s hero was a girl who was an Olympic gymnast by the name of Dominique Moceanu. This little girl with no legs eventually became a gymnast and actually won the title, “Best tumbler in the State of Illinois.” Later, she found out that her hero, the Olympic gymnast, was actually her biological sister!

Isn’t that a great story?

Since you now know my point, let’s not complain about our circumstances or what we don’t have, but rather let’s thank God for what we do have. After all, the Bible says do everything without murmuring and complaining. Every time you are having a bad day, always think about the people with no arms or legs or whatever who are making the most of their circumstances.

I hope you now understand that murmuring and complaining profits you nothing because we have much to be thankful for. Watch her story below:

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