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Trump State Democrats Beg Hillary to ‘Shut Up’!

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Published on: March 30, 2018

You knew this was coming, didn’t you?

The closer we draw to the upcoming 2018 midterm elections and the more likely it seemed that the GOP would be competitive in these races, the more likely we’d see Red State Democrats forced to turn on their own Party.

It’s already begun, and we’re still some 6 or 7 months out from the midterm election!

The first casualty in the Blue on Blue Democrat Civil War is …. Hillary Clinton, of course.

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Clinton will be the albatross that the GOP candidates in most of the country use in an attempt to weigh their opponents down. And in most of the country, Clinton will be a drag on the Democrat candidates, so she will be pilloried from the right and the left over the next few months.

In Missouri, we can already see which way the wind is blowing because the Republican candidate for the Senate, Josh Hawley, has already showcased his first political ad tying incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill to Hillary Clinton.


Hillary Clinton: You can put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the ‘basket of deplorables’.

Claire McCaskill: What we’re going to call Hillary Clinton in January of 2016… 1, 2, 3… Madame President!

Fox News: Repubklican Donald Trump will win Missouri…

Hillary Clinton: There’s all that red in the middle, where Trump won… So I won the places that are optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward…

Claire McCaskill: You know what people in Missouri think?

Hillary Clinton: You don’t like black people getting rights, you don’t like women getting jobs…

Claire McCaskill: People do something which I think is maybe not a good idea, they do something like electing a reality TV star President because they’re so cynical…

Hillary Clinton: His whole campaign Make America Great Again, was looking backwards.

Claire McCaskill: 1,2,3… Madame President!

Narrator: Liberal. Elite. Out of Touch. Hillary Clinton and Claire McCaskill, disdain Missouri doesn’t need.


Truth hurts, doesn’t it?

Now, McCaskill will be forced to fight her way out from underneath the heavy weight that is Hillary Clinton. President Trump defeated Clinton by almost 20% (19.1% to be exact), which means that if McCaskill can’t shake the shadow of Clinton from her campaign, she’ll end up sinking her campaign for sure.

Which is why McCaskill jumped on television the first chance she got and threw her former Presidential choice under the bus on MSNBC.

Kasie Hunt: Hillary Clinton said, ‘I won all the places that are optimistic, diverse, dynamic and moving forward.’ Were these comments from Hillary Clinton helpful to you?

Claire McCaskill: No, probably not. I understand the point she was trying to make but it felt like she was criticizing Missouri voters. You talk about drawing a line, I would draw a line there. I have great respect for Missouri voters. And there are a lot of reasons they voted for Donald Trump. Some of which I completely understand. I mean, frustration is a powerful motivator. And if you’ve played by the rules and worked hard all your life and you’re further behind this year than you were 10 years ago no wonder you want something completely different. So I get that. So, no, it wasn’t helpful. I thought it was wrong how she put it. I think it is certainly being taken out of context, which she knows things you say are taken out of context. For those of us that are in states that Trump won we would really appreciate if she would be more careful and show respect to every American voter and not just the ones who voted for her.

Let me translate that last line, in case you missed the subtle hint that McCaskill was aiming at Hillary Clinton.

For those of us that are in states that Trump won we would really appreciate if she would be more careful and show respect to every American voter and not just the ones who voted for her.

What that really means is this… “Some of us are running for office in states that Trump won and we need you (Hillary Clinton) to SHUT UP.”

The question is… will Hillary listen?

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