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God Created The Animals

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Published on: April 25, 2018

God made all of the animals, just read Genesis 1:24-26 in the Bible.

Here are some animals He made. There are the wolf, rhinoceros, grizzly bear, dogs, lions and killer whales.

It is so cool that God made these animals in different shapes and sizes.

My Dad just said today that all of these animals have a weapon built in them by God.

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Like the jumping spider jumps on his prey, a snake has poison, and every dog I see, if someone ever broke into their master’s house, would bite him because God gave him the weapon of his teeth.

The military use dogs too because they can help in many ways when it comes to protecting soldiers.

One time I was in Alaska and I saw ten moose. When we were driving by, we saw this one moose that had two baby calves in the road. My Dad stopped because this moose had two calves standing in the road and the mamma moose stopped and looked at my Dad and basically gave him a look of “back off” by what she did. When the mamma moose saw that her two calves were safe, she moved right away and that was cool to me.

All animals God gave a way to protect themselves.

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