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God Created The Sea Animals

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Published on: April 30, 2018

I like sea animals and there are a lot of them (Genesis 1:24).

Great White Sharks, for example, are cool.

Did you know that a shark might have up to 3,000 teeth inside its head at any one time? I have a book that says that over the course of a shark ’s lifetime it may lose and re-grow as many as 30,000 teeth!

Wow! That’s a lot of teeth!

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Or how about a Sawfish? A Sawfish really does look like its name. On either side of its long snout, there are little teeth that look like that of a saw, but these teeth aren’t replaced if they are broken off like a shark’s teeth would be.

It’s cool how God made these animals to be different shapes and sizes and have different features.

Did you know that there are snakes even in the sea, and they are highly venomous?  Almost all sea snakes are poisonous. In fact, sea snake venom is known to be the most poisonous of all snakes.

God created every single animal on the earth and in the sea.

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