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What is going on in America?

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Published on: November 28, 2014

Today, we are not only going to talk about the problems that we face in America, but also the answers. America was founded as a Christian nation and that is how it will remain if we keep it a Christian nation by making sure that people who break the law are dealt with immediately.

Our Founding Forefathers fought off a tyrant named King George to make sure that we (the upcoming generations) have freedom under God (in Jesus Christ) to do that which is right before Him, not to do whatever is right in our own eyes and break the law. We do not have permission to break the law! For example, stealing and lying are wrong! In America, we are free, but we are not free to break the law. Even the freedoms we enjoy such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of the press are ours, but to be used in a lawful way. For example, just because I have the freedom of speech doesn’t give me the right to go into a crowded building and yell ” fire!” That freedom must be used in a lawful way.

Freedom of speech means that you do have the freedom to say lawfully what you want when you want, without fear of being arrested or jailed. Freedom of religion means that we have the freedom to worship God according to the Word of God. Freedom of the press means that we have the right to print things that we want without any fear of anybody doing anything to you, but that doesn’t give people permission to lie.

Now, we still have freedom to do those things, we never lost the right. However, the things that are going on in America are just nuts! If our Founding Fathers fought off a tyrant named King George to make sure that we have a future and a hope, it is our job and duty to make sure that government stays lawful and just… and that bad people who are in government are brought to justice.

Let’s take the issue of abortion, for example. Our Founding Fathers would consider that unthinkable! But, it is happening and we are allowing it. Think about it, they are taking innocent babies and killing them while we are watching football games! If anyone would not consider that evil, I do not know what will.

In other countries, people cannot read the Bible because if they do, they can be killed, tortured or thrown in jail. In America, we have the freedom to worship God wherever we want, whenever we want and to read the Bible.

What I am trying to say is there are bad people in America who are trying to destroy it, but we still have the freedom to do the right thing and put an end to their lawlessness.

We should not allow this! Let’s not allow our country to turn out like other countries, without the freedom to do what we wish lawfully and without the freedom to worship God or read the Bible! This is the answer America: Repent, turn back to God first and foremost and deal with the bad people who are trying to destroy our country. Friends, we can do this with the help of Christ in Jesus’ name. Don’t allow America (the best, most free country in the world) to be lost to a bunch of lawless, God-hating individuals!

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