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Sex Ed Conference for Students Goes Way Too Far

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Published on: November 28, 2014

The Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference has been taking place for the past 20 years and students from all over the state, as young as 11, have been attending it. However, according to a recent news report, parents who signed permission slips to let their children go may have had no idea what was being taught to their children.

The program, which is funded with taxpayer dollars, claims to promote safe sex and prevent teen pregnancy. However, one has to ask why this must be taught to any school age child. Why not simply concern education with biology and be done with it? The purpose is obviously indoctrination into sexual promiscuity, otherwise a simple abstinence course would suffice, right?

The conference is part of an adult website called Virtual Fem and several of the handouts at the conference encourage such things as cyber sex, phone sex, bathing together, shaving each other, wearing each other’s underwear, role playing, buying an extra-large pair of pajama bottoms to sleep in together, lap dances and strip teases. These are passed out to both middle and high school attendees.

Then there is an apparent new fad of using remote controlled sex toys over the internet to provide sexual pleasure to someone else that is also a part of the conference.

KOIN reported on the conference, having obtained audio recordings of some of the speakers and several of the handouts (You can view some of them by clicking the KOIN link). Reporter Carla Castano confronted Brad Victor, the director of the conference, about the conference’s graphic content. He declined comment on students engaging in sex acts via Skype, which could possibly be recorded and then later used against a student.

Castano reported:

“Is this interview going down this line the whole time? If it is, I’m walking out. I’m serious about this,” said Victor.

The Adolescent Sexuality Conference director Brad Victor, October 2014 (KOIN 6 News)

Victor, a spokesperson and director for Teen Pregnancy Task Force, the organizer of the conference, is partially paid with state funds to put on the program in Seaside.

While he refused to answer KOIN 6’s questions, a student, who wanted to remain anonymous, spoke about what she saw during the conference, calling it shocking.

“I felt really just horrified and unsettled by it all,” she said.

The anonymous student also called a pornographic website she was directed to “very disturbing.” The site taught her how to program a virtual woman to perform sex acts.

This conference isn’t just for students though. According to Castano, “Teachers, school district healthcare workers and school board members… have also attended.”

One of those school board members was Lisa Maloney. “All kinds of speakers about Internet porn, using Internet sex toys, using meth as is shown in this book for when you’re engaging in sex. It encourages using meth because it helps your sexual drive and what not in here,” said Maloney. “It says in this booklet that was handed out and given out to all young people.”

Maloney even pointed out a section of one handout that read, “Meth is widely used for a million reasons to have lots of sex with lots of partners for long periods.”

And to think, tax dollars are funding this garbage that is being used to appeal to the base, carnal nature of humans and they are introducing it to people as young as 11.

Other things taught at the conference included various ways to masturbate and view porn.

Of course, Mr. Victor was asked if he actually thought the information provided at the conference and in the handouts would actually prevent teen sex, ironically he said, “I’m not going to address that question. That question is inappropriate.”

Can you believe that? I’ll tell you what’s inappropriate and that’s using tax dollars in this manner, subjecting children to pornographic literature, parents allowing their children to attend public schools rather than obeying God by using their liberty to teach them at home, and especially those that promote this kind of garbage. When I was growing up, this would be considered contributing to the delinquency of a minor!

Why have no lawsuits been filed by parents? Where are mothers and fathers speaking out against this and calling the police to press charges against such criminal activity?

Victor has the support to engage in this conference from two state agencies. The Oregon Health Authority spent more than $1,000 of tax money on the conferences in 2013 and 2014 for staff members to attend. The Oregon Department of Education is also listed on the steering committee of the conference as well. The ODE has paid Victor at least $800 since 2013 per a public information request.

Last, but not least, you can always count on the federal government to waste your tax dollars while demoralizing children. They funded Victor with more than $4,000 since 2013.

What’s amazing is that this is promoted as part of a health program. Victor was brought in to work with the ODE to coordinate the WISE program (Working to Institutionalize Sex Education). According to WISE’s March 2010 newsletter, it claims to provide school districts with “medically accurate, age-appropriate sexuality education.”

According to the Portland Tribune, “Victor stressed that the WISE grant emphasizes that abstinence is the best and healthiest choice to prevent pregnancy and the spread of sexually-transmitted diseases, but it should not exclude other forms of sexual education.”

Stop right there. Does that make any sense at all? If the man affirms the “best and healthiest choice” to prevent what he claims he is trying to prevent is abstinence, then why not drive that home at the conferences? It’s because they are not interested in actually preventing pregnancies or STDs. For goodness sakes, they’re promoting promiscuity! They’re telling kids to by extra-large pajamas so they can sleep together in them (though we know sleeping isn’t what they will be doing)!

Jesus warned:

But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. –Matthew 18:6

There is no excuse for this. It is criminal. What’s really going on is these people claim to be offering a solution to a problem, while they teach the kids to engage in the very things they claim they are aiming to prevent them from engaging in, just like the DARE program. An anonymous source outside of Oregon has disclosed to Freedom Outpost that they are seeking to bring a criminal lawsuit against those involved. We’ll keep you posted as to the results.

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