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Government Steeling Your Mind & “Teaching” You “Creativity” (Video)

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Published on: October 12, 2022

In this Rotten to the Core episode, the Common Core Diva Lynne Taylor joins me for part 2 of our dive into how government continues to impress a communist-style indoctrination system on unsuspecting parents and their children, even to the point that they actually think they can teach “creativity.” However, when you pull the curtain back, what you discover is that they are not teaching creativity, but mindless repetition for jobs.

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Articles, links, videos and bonus videos mentioned in this episode with additional resources provided by Lynne.

Teens Stand Up: “I Will Not Wear The Mask… I Will Not Take The Vaccine… I Will Resist Evil… I Will Submit To God… I Will Defy Tyrants!” (Video)

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Politicians Tell You “Vaccine” Protects From Infection – Then They Claim To Get The Convids

The Biden Puppet Regime Absolutely Intends to Implement the Great Reset

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith on the unvaccinated: “Most discriminated group I’ve ever witnessed”

Bill Gates twice ordered President not to investigate adverse effects of his mRNA injections

US has perfected system of undermining political stability in any one country over years

Biggest CORRUPTION SCANDAL: 4.5 billion doses of covid-19 shot for 450 million EU residents

The UK Government Knew that 70% of children would be sterilized; They knew & chose to do NOTHING

ARCHIVES for Part One:

Why cover a 2011 talk now? Because the article I found this talk in is being recirculated in conservative circles, esp. homeschooling families to point to a way to support school choice funding!


Here’s the link to the Talk:
(It’s 13 minutes and we’ll play most of it)

Listen for key themes:

Before we move on, this archive shows you the dirt behind TED Talks and why they should be avoided.
Who was Dr. Land?

A general systems scientist and a Fellow of the World Business Academy.

See his bio:

What is a GS scientist? One who studies existing problems and tries to go for solutions ‘in the bigger picture’).

See: (especially the image on the lower right hand column)

This is the article where the very brief description of Dr. Land was found:
(*Note this article touts IBM’s ‘creativity’)

IBM is also the one entity not only backing competency based education, but has fully embraced STEM and Common Core!  In fact, see the attached image (22 redundant jobs)

Then, the IBM pdf about ‘closing the skills gap’.

IBV – The Enterprise Guide to Closing the Skills Gap Strategies for Building and Maintaining a Skilled Work… by Tim Brown on Scribd

After looking at the document, use this article of mine:

What’s the World Business Academy?

Their website:

Their history:
(*Note: it will tie right into ‘education’ as a skill based tool)

Their “Global Citizens Club”: )

For Part Two’s show/archives:

How awful is it that former Nazis were brought into the US for NASA (as well as other fed agencies)?:  (*note: for an update on the federal science dictatorship: )

What Dr. Land didn’t point out in his 13 minute speech was that the original 1600 children were children from Head Start (another fed gov’t overreach into families in the name of child well being).  This archived article of mine pointed out the absolute absurdity of the CCSS Machine and babies (esp that getting ready for school begins at birth):

How did the “Operation Paperclip” children fare in American schools and how does that tie to 2022?
This interesting article explains much, but it doesn’t really seem to attach to Dr. Land’s ‘findings’ about creativity. However, I can absolutely connect the two, based on research. See:
Where most education ‘lives’ on the topic of creativity:

(Especially this quote: “In Western society, ‘creativity’ is most commonly used to refer to the embodied cognitive process that gives rise to pieces of music, sculptures, paintings, poems and other things that are taken or presented as art. We, less conventionally, include science and engineering in our list of creative endeavours.”)

Where the Holy Bible points to God’s gifts of creativity:

Related information for audience:
From my blog:
Ten pages of research on IBM’s overreach into education, taking it from academics to skills for laborers:
Four pages on NASA’s overreach into education, taking it from academics and turning it into STEM:
Ten pages on Early Head Start and its related agency, Head Start:

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