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Government Terrorist Categories Could Include Left Liberals

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Published on: May 18, 2015

In case you haven’t heard, “You might be a terrorist if” you fall into one of 72 categories now contained in official US government documents. Many, of course, target conservative, libertarians, the “awful right wing extremist,” and anyone who holds to the tenets of the founding of the United States of America. However, in looking at this list, could some of these actually apply to the “left liberal extremist” being used as “useful idiots” to usher in tyranny? Let’s have a look.

Number three on the list, “those that want ‘to make the world a better place,'” could include those who hold to the ideology of an “egalitarian utopia” or those who advocate for the “utopia of multiculturalism.” Individuals who “want to make the world a better place” where Kum Bah Yah is the national anthem, everyone holds hands and gets along is counter to what the global elite and government puppets are actually working towards. Everyone getting along doesn’t serve their purpose; but, they will use those individuals in order to bring about “their” change while declaring this group to be “terrorists.”

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Individuals who “possess an intolerance toward other religions” covers Muslims, as the document did not exempt them nor did it exempt the “secular humanists” who cannot tolerate Christianity. This only applies to “possessing” or having an opinion that smells of intolerance. In fact, the document highlights “anti-semitism” as a prime example. It sounds as though that covers quite a few organizations and individuals on the left. Naturally, those who are intolerant of Islam is covered without a doubt. Don’t think atheists or agnostics are sliding by either. Any intolerance toward other religions is considered a quality that will land you labeled a terrorist. Accompanying this criteria is number 36, “anyone that ‘exhibits extreme religious intolerance.'”

All the tree-huggers and those who advocate for animal rights got caught up in the category of “those that ‘take action to fight against the exploitation of the environment and/or animals.'” While they may scoff at this, it should be remembered that government is determining who fits in the categories established, not the general public. One could even say it’s not really government doing the determination but some unidentifiable group “advising” the government. Either way, those who think they are on the “right side of the government” with their ideology may come to find their “thinking” in error.

Moving right along brings us to “anyone that ‘complains about bias.'” It is a broad statement that could cover anyone at any time across all divisions including race, gender, religion and socio-economic indicators. All those who complain about racism, white oppression, homophobia, gender bias and the rich and wealthy would fall under this category. No one is exempt as the noun “anyone” means exactly that.

“Anyone that ‘is frustrated with mainstream ideologies'” makes the list at number 32. And who would this apply to? Well, first of all, it has to be determined what “mainstream ideology” means; then, who is making that determination. For all anyone knows, “mainstream ideology” could mean those who believe in the founding principles and our Constitution, meaning those who don’t are targets. The opposite could also be true in that “mainstream ideology” could be the opposite of our founding principles and Constitution. Basically, it boils down to who is doing the determination and at what point in time that determination is made as to what will be considered the “mainstream ideology.”

Going hand in hand are “anyone that ‘visits extremist websites/blogs,'” anyone that ‘establishes website/blog to display extremist views,'” and anyone that ‘attends rallies for extremist causes'” – numbers 33, 34 and 35 respectively. “Extremist” views, regardless of which side of the aisle you choose to stand, are not compatible with the “global” attitude and frowned upon by the “global elite.” However, the “elite” will use whomever they can to bring about “their” agenda. So, while the left may skirt by initially, they will eventually be swept up as well.

“Anyone that ‘is personally connected to a grievance'” encompasses those like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, outspoken activists for LGBT issues and any conceivable “grievance” imaginable. There is no “right” or “left” designation. It is a general statement, just like the others, to encompass those who are being “vocal” by highlighting injustice or “perceived injustice.” Again, it will target the “useful idiots” who help bring about the “agenda” unknowingly. Those who are “personally connected to a grievance” are sometimes those that “organizes protests inspired by extremist ideologies.” This encompasses quite a number of individuals and their supporters on both sides of the aisle.

Number 60 indicates that having a “concern” about illegal immigration lands someone on the terrorist list. Those who may not be against illegal immigration, but are concerned about its impact, liberal or conservative, gets a target painted on their back. Maybe some individuals are still making up their mind about illegal immigration but have concerns regarding issues affected by it. According to this, that is a mark against them, meaning the government has to deal with you at some point.

Just who exactly in America does not fit into any of these categories or the others listed by the government? It’s a good question. The general answer might be the “political ruling elite,” those wealthy individuals who are cooperating with the “global elite,” and those individuals who remain silent and “go along to get along.” However, even within the “political ruling class” and oligarchy, there are extreme ideologies driving these individuals. Any “extreme ideology” holder is a target regardless of being oriented left or right, occupying a cozy political seat, or enjoying the “political sway” because of their wealth. Unfortunately, if you are not in the “global elite” club, you will be labeled like the rest of us average individuals.

Government will decide who fits into those categories and will act appropriately. Even if you support the government whole-heartedly, one false step could find your name included under one of these categories. This document is geared mainly toward the military. How many men and women in the military have family that are already on this list, will find their loved ones categorized under one of these identifiers, or even find themselves targeted? They should ask themselves these questions while attending these “brainwashing” propaganda training sessions. And, what about all those “instructors?” They’ll be dealt with once their usefulness has ended.

Many will dismiss this list and the proposals outlined here that could identify leftist liberals categorized as terrorists just as those of us on the conservative side have already been identified. Yuri Bezmenov, a former KGB agent in the former Soviet Union who defected in 1970, warned quite some time ago about the psychological warfare being perpetrated against the US and using individuals as a collective (useful idiots) to bring about change. These “useful idiots” would then be slated for the firing squad as their disillusionment makes them the most bitter of enemies. Take the time to view some of the video interviews featuring Bezmenov and read some of his writings. They are very enlightening.

So, while the left “cheers” about their “winning,” it will be a short-lived victory when these individuals find themselves on the receiving end of the government “boot.” One only has to look objectively at the categories outlined by the government itself to know that the broadness of some of these allows the encompassing of individuals “facilitating” rapid movement toward government goals. Unfortunately, what the government states their goals are may not be what is the reality.

It looks as though to keep from being on any list, one must “sit down, shut up, and do what they’re told” – no questions asked, no opinions voiced. They’ll give you your opinion when they want it.

Thanks to Michael Snyder for the composition of this list.

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