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The Islamic State’s Death Fatwa

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Published on: May 18, 2015

You know what happened in Garland, Texas. Two jihadists wanted to replicate and ramp up what happened in Paris by murdering scores of patriotic Americans who were standing in defense of free speech. They were met with an utterly authentic American response. Soon after that, in the wake of our Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest, ISIS issued a death threat against me. They called me khanzeer – pig – which is the word Muhammad used of his victims before he slaughtered Jews.

They threatened to murder also anyone associated with me, anyone who defends me, and anyone who supports our work. In other words, they’ve declared war against America. Since then, the media have been waging jihad against the defenders of freedom, primarily me, but that’s only a device they are using to destroy anyone who speaks against the Shariah and jihad. The media are aligned with the jihad force. They’re cheering and agitating for my demise – some news outlets have even asked me for my posthumous remarks. They have been viciously attacking Robert Spencer and me, blaming us for the attack on us.

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We did the right thing.

The jihadists are not going to win. We are not going to let them win. If we had responsible media, they would report on the positive developments in light of this terrorist attack: The jihadists were killed. By drawing them out, we exposed their network, without getting anyone killed. The FBI is now going after sources. They are gleaning intel from their computers as we speak. We smoked out a terror structure. The FBI has put more American terror suspects under constant surveillance following the deadly attack. Every city across the U.S. has “subjects of concern” under heightened scrutiny, and the military is taking the threat seriously enough to raise the threat level to bravo – the highest level since Sept. 11. The terror network that hit us has now expanded to include roots in Minneapolis.

People say we “provoked” the jihadis. But it has since come out that they were already looking for targets to hit. If they hadn’t hit us, they would have hit a much less protected target, as did the jihadist Amedy Coulibaly in the Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket in Paris, and the jihadist Man Haron Monis in the Lindt Chocolat Cafe in Sydney, Australia. The jihadis in Garland weren’t provoked by us – they are already provoked. Our event just smoked them out. If we had not had such extensive security, many more people would have died – either at our event or somewhere else. Instead, the only dead were two jihadis, and a jihad network is exposed.

All that from one little art exhibit.

With just one small, relatively obscure presentation, America has been made aware that the threat is here. America has been made aware of the virulence of the war on free speech. Obama cannot ignore and excuse terrorism that is committed in the name of Islam, and we exposed the quislings and apologists for jihad terror among the political, cultural and media elites.

The Obama administration is in total denial. I, along with a handful of my colleagues, have been documenting, exposing and shaming the media’s and Obama administration’s whitewashing and scrubbing of jihad and the religious motive behind this holy war.

But now it’s no longer whispered. Obama is out and out telling the news media to scrub Islamic State footage.

Will they follow their leader? When haven’t they?

Despite the denial, ISIS is here, with or without Geller, but be glad I am alongside all those brilliant and true Americans who stand shoulder to shoulder against this violent and brutal ideology.

As divisive and ugly as the media have been toward the victims of the Garland jihad shooting, the country is having a much-needed conversation about the quiet application of Islamic law (Shariah) in this country. The prohibition of depictions of Muhammad is Islamic law. (Blasphemy is punished by death under the Shariah.) The American people decide whether they will abandon the founding principle of this great nation, not the corrupt, cowardly elites.

We are not a Muslim country under the Shariah. But the left and the RINOs are behaving as though we were. We are free, and the majority of Americans mean to stay free – the elites, on the other hand, have other plans for us.

Strike a blow for freedom. Our security costs are now astronomical. Don’t allow jihad killers to force free Americans into submission. Send your tax-deductible donation via Paypal to [email protected] go here.


Pamela Geller’s commitment to freedom from jihad and Shariah shines forth in her books

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