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Guess What the U.N. Secretary General Had to Say about the West

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Published on: April 1, 2016

It is hard to take criticism, especially when you are criticized by those who are not doing anything. Those who love to point out your lack of work, concern, or giving. All the while, they have barely done any of the things they wish you to do.

This is the case with U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. He thinks that American and the EU has failed to do enough regarding Syrian refugees.

Breitbart reports:

U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has surfaced, once again to lecture the Anglosphere and the Western world about its “duties” to hurriedly absorb nearly half a million more Syrian migrants. The war-torn country’s surrounding nations, he argues, have done the heavy lifting already. Now the U.N. chief wants you and your communities to do more.

Maybe someone needs to remind him that if it were not for us mean old Americans and our EU allies, he would be answering to Kim Jong-Un. Or better yet, ask him exactly how many refugees his home country of South Korea has taken in this year. How many do you think they will take in next year?

Breitbart continued:

The New York Times reports that the Sec. General opened a conference in Geneva today, demanding “an exponential increase in global solidarity”, insisting that “Neighboring countries have done far more than their share” and imploring “Others [to] now step up.”

And of course the stress was on European Union member states and the United States of America to do more. The news follows quickly on the heels of Oxfam – one of the world’s most political charities – demanding that France, the United Kingdom, the United States, the Netherlands, and Denmark all take in more “refugees” and faster.

This is just further proof of the lunacy of the U.N. and those running this circus. We are the ones paying for their existence, yet they, at almost every turn, are trying to bully Americans into conforming to their ideals.

I wish we would have a president just tell them they have thirty days to get out of our building in New York and that they would not be receiving our contribution this year. It is well past the time that all free loaders get off the back of the American worker.

And that includes any from foreign countries.

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