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Harry Reid Blocks Bills, Blames Republicans

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Published on: August 16, 2014

Over and over, the American people have heard Obama blame Republicans for refusing to enact legislation, which basically means voting “his way” on bills or supporting “his ideology” one hundred percent. As we have learned, it is not the Republicans who have stalled legislation since the House has passed hundreds of bills. Those bills have been discarded and disregarded, never seeing the light of the Senate floor, thanks to the tyrannical, despotic criminal Senator Harry Reid.

Because of Reid, Americans could see an increase in taxes in an area no one worried about being taxed previously.

Come November 1, Americans could see in increase in their internet bills amounting to an extra $15 -$20 per month. This increase could occur because of a lapse in the Internet Tax Freedom Act (ITFA). The Internet Tax Freedom Act prevents states from taxing internet usage. However, if the Senate does not pass an extension by November 1, consumers could expect to see additional taxes added to their bills.

The House, on July 15, passed the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act (PITFA) by voice vote, which is being called a measure of “true bipartisan fashion.” It removed the need for extensions of ITFA and provided permanent protection from internet taxes. Unfortunately, the Senate has yet to move on the bill.

Right before the August recess, Sen. Ted Cruz attempted to bring the bill to the Senate floor. In true despotic fashion, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid shut it down.

Senator Ted Cruz stated, “If this Senate doesn’t act, we’re going to see consumers on November 1 begin paying taxes for basic internet services. This ought to be something where stop playing games and say let’s all come together and agree, ‘don’t tax the internet.’ Unfortunately, we’re not in that situation. We’re saying an objection to the House-passed bill because there’s hope that by holding the Internet Tax Freedom Act hostage it can become a vehicle to impose sales taxes on transactions over the internet.”

According to the Daily Caller:

“It’s really unfortunate because the House passed it on voice vote to make it permanent, and now the Senate is messing it up,” president of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance David Williams told the Daily Caller in an interview. “I mean Harry Reid in particular is messing this up.”

Reid is trying to get the Senate to pass a different bill called the Marketplace and Internet Fairness Act, which lumps PIFTA together with the Marketplace Fairness Act (MFA). MFA calls for a sales tax on internet transactions, to make the marketplace fairer for online retailers. Since a sales tax is imposed on traditional brick-and-mortar retail transactions, why shouldn’t all transactions be taxed? For Democrats, there should be no question about an internet sales tax – it’s only fair. The issue lies with Republicans.

If the two bills aren’t lumped together, MFA won’t pass because Republicans won’t vote to impose an internet sales tax. Because of Reid’s agenda to authorize an internet sales tax, PIFTA is stalled, and the Senate is running out of time.

According to Seton Motley, president of Less Government, PIFTA should be the perfect example of bipartisanship, essentially agreeing with Sen. Ted Cruz. Motley pointed the finger at Sen. Harry Reid as preventing any action in the Senate.

In an interview with TheDC, Motley stated, “The reason it’s a do nothing Congress is because Harry Reid is a one-man speed bump. He wants to force Republicans to vote for tax-increase in order to stop a tax-increase. He’s not amending a bill, he’s appending an entirely different bill to a bill.”

According to Kate Patrick writing for the Daily Caller, Motley indicated what could happen should PIFTA not pass.

… Americans can expect a $15-$20 hike on their internet bill. Some states will tax more than others, but we all know that if state governments are given the opportunity to earn more revenue with more taxes, they will, even if it means taxing something as basic as opening up your internet browser.

David Williams indicated that many states may keep those taxes fairly low; however, some states, like Illinois, might have higher internet tax rates. According to Williams, this has the potential to put millions of dollars into the state coffers. But, instead of putting that new revenue toward better internet access, states will choose to put it toward more wasteful spending – something he indicated is “bad news all around.”

Not surprisingly, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) has supported the Marketplace Fairness Act. As William stated, “Illinois is broke” and looking for more taxpayer money. The MFA has provided a way to bring more money into his bankrupt state. However, Durbin has viewed it as more than just increased revenues for the ailing state. Durbin has maintained the MFA will prevent “unfair business practices and crony capitalism.”

In a 2012 press release, Durbin stated, “Small businesses in Illinois and the rest of the country don’t want special treatment. They don’t want a handout – all they want is a level playing field. The Marketplace Fairness Act gives them that while helping states avoid raising taxes or making painful cuts that will slow our economic recovery.”

According to Williams, states will “open the floodgate for new taxes on the internet,” should Congress fail to pass PIFTA. These new taxes on the internet will affect people across all income levels, city and country residences alike.

Sen. Harry Reid has stalled PIFTA in order to bribe the House to vote for his one-two punch combo that will stick it to the American taxpayer once again. Americans would get a break on paying taxes for internet usage but would pay a sales tax on all internet transactions. However, the issue is just not Harry Reid holding Congress hostage with his authoritarian, despotic Senate “rule,” it is also his refusal to allow government to function by refusing to introduce the House-passed legislation to the Senate for a vote.

This is clearly obstructing government. The House of Representatives has passed 365 bills that now languish on the desk of one Harry Reid. For all the outcry from Obama and Reid about Republicans obstructing the workings of government, the reality has shown Obama and Reid as two little boys who continually cry “wolf.” The Senate Majority Leader has acted out of malice (possibly under the direction of Obama), has committed dereliction of duty and has acted in a manner unbecoming of a Senate member. Reid should be expelled from the Senate and removed as Majority Leader. “Dirty” Harry should also lose his seat, but alas, the citizens of Nevada will keep electing him since his campaign is boosted by big gambling businesses that employ many Nevadans.

One can point the finger and say it is the Democrat Party in the Senate, led by Harry Reid and backed by Obama, which is obstructing the efficient functioning of our government. And it would be a correct assumption. Knowing these facts, the question becomes “What does the American public do about it?”

Voter fraud has been prevalent in the last elections with reports surfacing that election machines contained malicious software that changed votes. However, even with a pristine voting system, an election might not produce fruitful results if the American people continue to be propagandized by the media and government shills, pundits and frauds. Without proper knowledge and understanding of the issues affecting the country, Americans cannot truly exercise a “free choice.”

Congress has ceased to respond to the constituents and citizens. Letters have taken on a “template” that neither addresses issues nor quiets concerns. Most consist of double speak, double meaning, and attempts to disguise the following of the party line. Republicans, just as much as Democrats, have failed to do their duty in upholding the Constitution. Time and again, they have folded to the whims of Obama and/or Reid, despite overwhelming support from the citizens. These cowards see a few left wing protestors, get called names, or get smeared by Obama and Reid; they cave with their tails tucked between their legs.

Without a sacred election process or the ability to hold Congress accountable to redress grievances, the people may be forced into action most do not want to consider. It, then, becomes most important to understand the inclusion of the Second Amendment, declaring the people’s right to bear arms as off limits to government legislation and regulation.

A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

When all other methods fail due to rampant corruption, insurrection, and subversion, the people, being a free individual, endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, should no longer consent to be governed by tyrannical powers. Therefore, they have and maintain the ability to throw off a tyrannical government, installing in its place a government more suitable to govern according to the consent of the people.

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