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Have Americans Really Thought About Immigration?

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Published on: February 21, 2019

As a parent, I was more concerned as to why my child did something then if they were obeying me. When they were little for their safety I said they just needed to obey, however, my goal was always to teach them to make good decisions. An example is at first they had to just not touch the hot stove, with the goal to realize the need to analyze the situation so they would know how to take care of their safety when Dad was not around. Many things can get you hurt. You need to learn what they are. I wanted to know my child’s thought process.

When I was being trained to do Search and Rescue one of the things they emphasized was not to put ourselves in danger because you cannot treat the patient if you become a patient. You need to stay alive to save a life. One of the first questions an Emergency Medical Technician should ask when they go on a call is if the scene is safe. I will never forget the dash cam video of a police officer who responded to a vehicle accident that involved an anhydrous ammonia tank that started leaking from the crash. We watched him charge in to save the injured person only to become injured himself. We silently watched as his chest heaved and listened to him gasp for the last breaths he ever was going to breathe. The anhydrous ammonia gas killed him even though he was attempting to do a good thing. He had great intentions. He was trying to save a life. Unfortunately, in the end, he did not save life and he ended up killing himself. We all got the point from watching that video.

When I look at immigration it seems that very few people are giving it the thought they should. It really does affect us and I think people need to start realizing it. Do people have good intentions that may end up hurting people? Maybe even getting some people killed. Is the country just charging in without seeing the danger? As we have learned the danger we cannot see can be very deadly.

What I find troubling is so many people do not have a thought process at all. If you read a letter to the editor in the newspaper people are just regurgitating things they have heard and claim them as facts. We have a lot of experts that in reality know nothing. Let’s be real about this, millions of people are coming through our border. No one can say every single one of those people are non-violent and will not hurt anyone once they get here. Anyone who claims they know everyone is that is crossing the border is safe is proving they should not be trusted, because they are proving they claim to know something it is obvious they cannot know. Why they make the statements they make will only show if they are evil or stupid. However stupid people can be just as dangerous as evil people. A drunk driver can get you killed, and a serial killer who likes to kill can end your life. All it takes is crossing their path at the wrong time. If we want to avoid danger we need to fight stupidity as much as evil. As a country, we need to start thinking.

No one who has given immigration any serious thought can actually believe that we can have unlimited numbers of people coming into the country without it causing problems. If the country’s population tripled within the next year because people just decided to flood over the border, what would things be like? If you say that would never happen, ask yourself how many immigrants will be coming here. Then ask yourself if you really know considering there is no way to know for sure. While you are thinking about it, ask yourself why a government that wants to control almost everything you do does not want to control who does or does not come to live here.

Does it make sense that they want to pass gun control and regulate if you can own a gun and at the same time not have any concern if a citizen from another country illegally comes here with a gun. Ask yourself that and think long and hard about it. The reality is, our government who trained us how to think in their government schools, does not trust us with guns. They trust immigrants of unlimited numbers pouring across our border. They do not check if the immigrants have guns, but the American citizens they do not trust with guns, why? Didn’t their schools teach us to be good people, people who can be trusted? This is why I say we need to start thinking. Every single policy the government wants to do is to fix a problem they have caused. The cause of the problem claims they will be the solution to the problem. I am amazed that the American people continue to be fooled by their folly.

Consider the drug smuggling, the government makes those drugs illegal here, but they allow an open border so they can be brought here. The crimes against humanity our failed drug policy has caused are horrible, and yet our country continues to fail to seriously think about the issue, and come up with real solutions. Our government does not care if drugs are brought here, but they care if we have drugs here. Why that is their policy should be answered.

If you think you have not been affected financially by immigration you need to think about that as well. If you want to get a job that will help you get paid the most? A lot of people competing for the job you want, or you being the only one that can do it. If you want a raise at your current job, what will make your employer want to give you more money? More people moving to this country every day that will do your job for less money, or you being the only one that can do your job. If you think you are too high on the food chain to worry about it, everyone below you has to come for your job, if you gave theirs to the people who moved here to work for less money than they do. Does everyone think they are overpaid? Does everyone have too much money? Why do you keep allowing it to be taken away from you?

We need to start thinking and we need to start thinking of each other. We cannot move the entire world here because we have a better standard of living than they do. That would be destroying us thinking it will save them. We all know you have to stay alive to save a life.

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