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Hillary & Obama: The Conspiracy to Weaponize Iran

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Published on: October 6, 2016

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin once said that the world’s capitalists would sell communists the rope with which the capitalists would be hung. For those who can appreciate the bitter irony in subsequent historical events, have I got a story for you:

Some months ago, I was contacted by an individual who was formerly engaged by Ball Aerospace as an independent subcontractor. As many know, since 1956, Ball has been a manufacturer of aeronautic and aerospace components and instruments for national defense, as well as civil and commercial space applications.

According to this individual, in 2011 Ball abruptly and comprehensively modified its internal communications protocols and stepped up security on its network and email servers, effectively locking the subcontractors out of areas they had previously been able to access readily. Among some of the more prominent subcontractors at Ball’s Jefferson County and Boulder, Colorado, complexes at the time included Lockheed-Martin, Northrop-Grumman, Raytheon and Boeing.

In the practical sense, these new security measures inconvenienced many subcontractors to no small degree. When my source inquired about the move, his contact at Ball told him that a Ball employee of Middle Eastern extraction had turned out to be a spy for a Middle Eastern government. Although my source’s contact did not specify, he presumed it was the Islamic Republic of Iran. The employee had apparently used a data aggregator to compromise the servers in a manner similar to the one used by Edward Snowden to acquire data when he worked as a contractor for the National Security Agency (NSA).

When asked what information had been compromised, my source’s Ball contact said “everything.”

Supposedly, an incalculable amount of information from 1956 to 2011 – thousands of defense contracts into which Ball had entered with the U.S. government – had been deftly plucked from the company’s servers by the interloper. The more recent data included all manner of information and designs on missile defense, aeronautics, drones and space exploration. Obviously, the company found all of this extremely embarrassing, being a defense contractor, and kept as much of it under the table as possible. My source was not sure if the Department of Defense or any other government agencies were made aware of the breach at the time.

In 2014, Iran unveiled what it said was a reverse-engineered copy of an American stealth drone it supposedly hacked and landed intact in 2011. The drone was an RQ-170 Sentinel manufactured by Lockheed Martin, but given the sensitive nature of such equipment design, one can only guess as to what extent, if any, Ball Aerospace technology factored into it, or if stolen Ball data aided the Iranian regime in acquiring the drone.

Politicians of the more craven variety have a curious habit of vacating positions of influence in furtive attempts to avoid implication in whatever questionable or illegal activities in which they have participated, as though they cannot be held responsible for such actions once they’ve left their jobs. We’ve seen this in spades over the course of Barack Obama’s presidency. Some of the more notable departures have been senior advisers David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel, Attorney General Eric Holder, Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, IRS tax-exempt organizations section chief Lois Lerner, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki.

By September of 2014, Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack were the only two remaining Cabinet members who had been with Obama since his inauguration. Duncan resigned in October of 2015.

We also witnessed this in the case of former Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Ala., chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, who all but spiked the investigation into the attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya on Sept. 11, 2012. Rogers’ wife, Kristi Rogers, had been a senior executive with security contractor Aegis Defense Services. Aegis had contracts with the U.S. to provide security for U.S. interests in Libya. Both Rogers and his wife abruptly left their positions after the Benghazi attack.

And, of course, Hillary Clinton resigned as secretary of state in 2013. Reporting on these rats suspiciously fleeing the not-quite-yet sinking ship has been conspicuously avoided by the establishment press when such reportage might reflect badly on the Obama administration, but this of course does not mitigate their subterfuge, nor the damage such parties may have done.

According to the nuclear arms deal entered into by the Obama administration and Iran in 2015, in exchange for Iran supposedly curbing its nuclear program (multiple loopholes and early noncompliance on Iran’s part have already alarmed geopolitical experts), that nation received access to billions of dollars in assets frozen as a result of sanctions imposed earlier by the United States and other countries.

While press accounts indicate that the finer points of the highly controversial nuke deal were handled by Valerie Jarrett (the Iranian-born senior adviser to Barack Obama), former secretary of state and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is generally understood to have had a major hand in crafting the deal.

Clinton’s ongoing endorsement of the deal while voicing her distrust for the Iranian regime (“There is absolutely no reason to trust Iran,” Clinton opined a year ago) suggests that she foresaw a need to publicly maintain a more cynical stance on Iran than the Obama administration, presumably in light of her presidential aspirations.

For those who wonder how a nation run by bearded pedophiliac death-cult monkeys in black dresses so quickly developed precisely the technology it required to effectively deliver any nuclear weapons it might illegally develop, their incredulity is certainly not misplaced. What should be evident at this point is that the priorities of progressive-socialist politicians, regardless of their stature, most assuredly do not include a concern for the national security of America and her allies.

Article posted with permission from Erik Rush

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