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Homofascists and the Diabolical Nature of the Political Left

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Published on: April 4, 2015

A number of pundits and observers (quite a few, actually) have commented on the hypocrisy of outspoken liberal businesses and CEOs (most notably Apple Computer‘s Tim Cook) that have condemned Indiana’s Gov. Mike Pence and that state’s new Religious Freedom Restoration law while doing business with regimes that have the persecution of homosexuals codified in their law.

Although since being signed into law, the Indiana measure was subsequently perverted by Gov. Pence capitulating to the political pressure generated by these craven swine and homofascists, I’d like to take a look at the profoundly sound reasoning in a recent piece by my colleague Gary DeMar over at Godfather Politics.

Tim Cook is the CEO of Apple. He has sex with men. I’m not revealing anything about him that he has not revealed about himself. Here’s what he said:

“While I have never denied my sexuality, I haven’t publicly acknowledged it either, until now. So let me be clear: I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me.”

“Proud to be gay”? What does that mean?

Cook’s statement reveals something about how the same-sex sexuality movement defines itself. Cook states that he never denied his “sexuality.” A pedophile and an adulterer could say the same thing. There are millions of people who argue that that they are “proud” of their behavior.

I’ve always wondered what that meant: Proud to be gay. No one’s been able to sufficiently answer that for me. Should heterosexuals be proud as well? Should couples with open marriages be proud?

Further – and I realize this is a device of the political left calculated to cultivate a society that is inordinately sex-obsessed – don’t you find it kind of sick that so many people increasingly define themselves by their sexual preference?

Anyway, Gary continues where he left off:

By the way, homosexuals get very upset when pedophilia is used as an example of another form of “sexual preference.” Consider the following:

“‘Paedophilic interest is natural and normal for human males,’ said the presentation. ‘At least a sizeable minority of normal males would like to have sex with children … Normal males are aroused by children.’


“The statement that paedophilia is ‘natural and normal’ was made not three decades ago but last July [2013]. It was made not in private but as one of the central claims of an academic presentation delivered, at the invitation of the organisers, to many of the key experts in the field at a conference held by the University of Cambridge.

“Other presentations included ‘Liberating the paedophile: a discursive analysis,’ and ‘Danger and difference: the stakes of hebephilia.’

“Hebephilia is the sexual preference for children in early puberty, typically 11 to 14-year-olds.”

Could the day come when discriminating against pedophile behavior and pedophile marriages will bring about leftist outrage? Ted Kennedy, Chuck Schumer, Barbara Boxer, Harry Reid, and 93 other senators signed the national Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) in 1993. That was only 22 years ago. A lot could change in another 22 years. Pedophilia could be mainstreamed.

“Could the day come when discriminating against pedophile behavior and pedophile marriages will bring about leftist outrage?”

Absolutely, and probably sooner than we think.

Around the time that “gay activism” became hot and heavy, and the term “homofascist” was coined, America became aware of an organization called the North American Man-Boy Love Association, or NAMBLA. This was a group of pedophiliac North American men who sought to mainstream pedophilia.

Americans were duly appalled; the organization was targeted by law enforcement, their website was chased off of domestic servers, and there were prosecutions of NAMBLA members.

What I noticed at the time was something that I have never seen anyone else point out until now; it’s that NAMBLA and other advocates for the decriminalization of pedophilia were using the same language and the same tactics that homosexuals had used to mainstream homosexuality decades before.

I cannot count the number of times over the years that I have heard homosexual activists, whether in my presence or in the media, argue that their sexual practices were “natural and normal.” Says who? Well, says them – and subsequently the homosexual or agenda-driven scientists and doctors who began to advance the same notion.

Gary points out that the same tactics and the same language have been used by those in the scientific community pertaining to pedophiles; at the University of Cambridge in the UK, for one. In America, we have the American Psychiatric Association (APA), which in 2013 re-classified pedophilia as a “sexual orientation or preference” rather than a disorder. When family-oriented organizations and those on the political right expressed outrage, the APA quickly spun a response, which was fortified and publicized by far left publications: The APA just made “a seemingly small mistake that set off a rapid chain reaction of confusion and hate” (Huffington Post, 10/31/13).

Gotta love the way they throw the word hate around, don’t ya?

To continue: “In a text discussion of changes it made to the way it refers to sexually deviant behaviors in its updated Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM, for short), the APA accidentally called pedophilia a ‘sexual orientation'” (Huffington Post, 10/31/13).

So it was just an accident! Well, excuse us…

Considering recent events and the current climate wherein homofascists (some call them “the gay Mafia”) now feel comfortable wielding death threats and calling for the burning of Christian businesses, one would have to be blind not to see the pro-pedophilia graffiti that most certainly appears on the wall.

As leftist radicals co-opted the civil rights agenda and put homosexuals on a par with ethnic minorities, using the same language to sway Americans’ views on homosexuality (you’re a “bigot” if you don’t go along with the program), it is altogether likely that they will ultimately do the same with pedophilia. The objective is to achieve the maximum in moral debasement in America, because this aids in facilitating the political control they desire.

As I indicated in my most recent column, this is all quite diabolical, and by that I mean we are witnessing the machinations of supernatural evil. It ought not take the fact that snarling deviants happen to be targeting Christians (rather than some large non-religious group) on preposterous and slanderous pretexts in order to recognize the fact that there is major league evil brewing across the globe – possibly of a nature that you might not have previously acknowledged, even if you are a religious person.

Just read the news these days…


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