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White House Press Corp Upset Obama Turned Them Away from Meeting With Mormon Leaders

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Published on: April 4, 2015

Oh my goodness! Stop the presses. Turn down the TV. The White House Press Corp is now upset with Obama and the White House for turning them away in Salt Lake City as they were trying to cover a meeting between Obama and Mormon leaders. The Obama media lapdogs, the White House Correspondent’s Association, are now drafting a set of demands to be sent to the White House.

The Daily Caller reports that the list has not been completed, “but will contain a series of written promises the press corp wants the White House to commit to.” Association President Christi Parsons stated to Washington Examiner’s Eddy Scarry they had been working on the list for a year and will say more this spring when it is released. The Examiner described this list as “press freedom rules” that the press corp want this administration, along with future administrations, to follow.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

It’s nothing new for the press corp to complain about the Obama administration in the lack of transparency with the news media. As as been indicated before, Obama has his “own corp” of photographers in the White House, instead of allowing the media photojournalists, who snap and distribute photos of him to the awaiting press. In the Salt Lake City incident, only photojournalists were allowed to cover Obama’s meeting with Mormon church leaders while radio, print and video media journalists were left standing outside. While this appears to be the immediate cause of discontent, the Obama administration has made it no secret how it views the press. And, the press seemed to have little trouble with it, in the early years, until access became more and more limited.

Correspondent Ann Compton stated that President Obama would go on “profanity-laced tirades” – naturally, off the record, when he “thought the press was making too much of scandals he did not think were scandals.” Sheryl Attkisson even reported how she was treated by the Obama administration and believes the administration tapped into her computer while doing an investigative piece. Someone once said that someone who gets particularly angry at something can indicate they are guilty of something. That premise can be false in some instances; however, being the individual in question is Obama, it would seem to be right in the case of “profanity-laced tirades” by Obama when pressed on the numerous scandals he doesn’t see as scandals, but business as usual.

The media lapdogs that have so covered for the lawless, criminal, treasonous Obama are now making a list of “demands” they call “promises” for this White House to commit. Hello, press corp? Have you been paying attention? This administration lies, then issues lies on top of lies. Do you honestly think after you all have let him “control” the media for so long that all of a sudden because you “demand” it he’s going to relent? Walk into reality.

Not only has the lamesteam media been Obama’s lapdogs, they have repeatedly supported liberal, Democratic ideology while barely publishing the opposing viewpoint. When they did, it was to debase, humiliate and lay blame upon the other side to deflect any negatives from sticking to Obama, his administration or Democrats. In other words, the media was used as Teflon to play the “blame Republicans” game.

Now, Republicans have clearly caved to this administration’s demands. They didn’t need any help from the media to do it as the establishment GOP is no different than the Democrats. What the media has done is ignore this country is a constitutional republic governed by the Constitution of the united States of America. When some Republican members of Congress were standing on the Constitution, the Obama lapdog media chose to side against Constitutionality in favor of Obamanation and Dumbocratocracy. They failed to call out wrong-doing on both sides of the aisle, instead focusing on supporting liberal, freedom oppressing ideology spouted by politicians. They chose to tip-toe on and around bringing politicians to task with the law and hold government accountable.

Instead of asking the hard questions, these “news” correspondents chose to discard integrity, investigative journalism and inquisitiveness in favor of “pulling the Obama cart.” For whatever reason, the news media relinquished its job as the proverbial fourth branch taking on the role of “waterboy,” propagandists, and “Obama banner waving enthusiasts.” They allowed themselves to be led by the nose by the White House and their employers. Let’s face it. If the American people are aware that 95% of the news agencies are owned by 5-6 meganews corporate owners thereby making all the news the same, every person working in the lamestream media knows and goes along with it.

Now, after six years, these “news correspondents” are going to create a “list of demands” they want the White House to promise to do so they can do their jobs. That’s like a hen asking a fox if he will eat her last – she’s still going to be eaten, but hopes she gets to live just a bit longer. Obama and his administration has neutered the press just as they neutered Congress. Just as Congress helped in their own neutering, the press corp has contributed to their own “self-castration.”

It’s difficult not to laugh and difficult to be sympathetic to their now outrage. They created their own bed and now don’t want to lie in it. Many of these “journalists” helped to create the opaqueness, defended the opaqueness and cowed to the emperor Obama of their own accord or because they were told to do so. Regardless, by going along with it, they allowed Obama to treat it like everything else – give an inch, he takes a mile. It’s not hard to see in the “press conferences” where any spokesperson basically lies to the press, thumbs their nose at them amidst only “tepid” disagreement, then walks off and the reports barely mention the obvious snub nor brings to task the multiple lies.

The corp complains about not getting information to do their jobs – sources only stating information if they weren’t quoted on it, the White House not releasing information and complaining about having to dig for information. Evidently, they don’t realize this is how dictators, tyrannical leaders and despots operate. They seal up the mouths of those who can provide that information through “tactics” antithetical to freedom, thereby controlling the press and the news. Actually, the press does know this is how dictators operate but were willing to overlook it with Obama, for whatever lame reason, until the shoe got too tight. After all, these people knew how communist governments controlled the media, tyrannical dictators used the press as a propaganda tool, and how oppressive regimes basically killed “opposition” journalism and journalists.

There were many who saw this coming – it gave increasing rise to the alternative news media.

Welcome to reality White House Correspondent’s Association and the newly “transformed” United States. It wouldn’t be very fair to say “told you so.” But, since you decided to choose sides – Told you so.

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