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Hope For the Next Generation

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Published on: September 15, 2018

The news can often be quite depressing — and distressing — especially when we see what has become of the young people of this nation.  We are seeing pre-school age children indoctrinated by public libraries and public schools with the LGBT agenda, as they disguise their nefarious plans with a “happy fun time” they call “Drag Queen Story Hour.”  As children go through Elementary School, then middle and high school, their minds are further molded by the likes of Planned Parenthood, CAIR, and countless sodomite groups, that have wormed their way into the good graces of the school boards, city councils and even churches.

Even the parents’ minds are being persuaded now to accept as normal that which God calls an abomination.  And so you’ll see the parents happily embracing “Drag Queen Story Time,” and mandatory teaching of Islam in public schools, under the auspices of so-called “diversity” and “inclusiveness.”  Not to mention the pro-death agenda of Planned Parenthood being taught as “Sex Ed.”

Things only get worse when young people reach college age and go off to a state-run University campus.  There, the professors and teachers seem to have two main objectives for incoming freshmen:  1) Get the kids to reject their Christian faith (if they have any left at all), and 2) Get the kids to question their gender or sexual orientation.  It is all indoctrination.

What’s equally disturbing, is that today, the public schools and Universities are re-writing the textbooks, eliminating civics and history classes, and spewing anti-American propaganda in every grade, in every classroom, so that by the time most young adults graduate college, they are so ill-prepared for life in the real world, they often return home to live with their parents, who don’t even recognize their own kids anymore.

   “What in the world has happened?” they wonder.  “We took them to church, we sent them to Youth Group.  So why, now, do they no longer believe in God, or for that matter, any moral absolutes whatsoever?”

Friends, the devil is after our children, and he comes in many disguises.  Have you ever noticed that EVERYTHING the liberal leftists introduce has a sweet-sounding name, but what it actually promotes and does is the exact opposite of what the name implies?  Think of “Planned Parenthood.”  No… it’s not PARENTHOOD they are helping your children to plan… it’s the opposite:  planning to NOT become parents…but STILL engage in perverted sex of all kinds.

Think of “The Affordable Healthcare Act,” better known as Obamacare.  They promised we would get better insurance coverage for about the same price as our monthly cell phone bill.  We all know that there is nothing “affordable” about it… in fact, insurance premiums have skyrocketed beyond what most people can afford — in most instances, far beyond what one pays for their home mortgage, property taxes and insurance combined, every month.  To maintain an “Affordable Healthcare” plan is quite similar to purchasing a second home… except you don’t get anything of value for all that money.  Because the deductibles are so high most people are never able to actually USE  the insurance.

Think of the “Patriot Act.”  Sounds quite Patriotic, doesn’t it?  But in reality, it simply opened a Pandora’s box of more government intrusion and spying on all of us ordinary citizens.

Then there’s CAIR — the Council on American/Islamic Relations, — ostensibly to build bridges toward multiculturalism and understanding between two completely opposing worldviews.  But in reality, this organization is set up to indoctrinate our young people with lies about the true intentions of Islam in America, and to begin preparing our kids for coming Sharia Law.

How about the term “Marriage Equality?”  Who wouldn’t be for “Equality?”  But the reality is, those who pushed this through have tossed out the laws of God and nature, and redefined marriage from what USED to be “Holy Matrimony” — the union of one man and one woman for life — to “whatever feels good, do it.”  This sounds an awful lot like the words of the famous Satanist Alister Crowley, when he stated, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”  “Love is love,” they say.  But sodomy has nothing whatsoever to DO with love.  It has to do with unbridled, unnatural lust.  And they are grooming our children to embrace it completely, without question.

Today we have kids who are so confused they are committing suicide in record numbers.  Even their parents are so full of the LGBT “koolaide” they take their little pre-school kids to celebrate the “pride” parades and they think nothing of it.

And what of the Church in America today?  Do we hear any truth about ANY of these issues from our pulpits?  No.  Today it’s all about OUR feelings, OUR emotions, OUR happiness.  “God thinks you’re fabulous,” was the sign posted on one of the parade floats in the homosexual “pride” parade — a float proudly sponsored by the United Methodist Church, a float replete with near-naked men gyrating and simulating sodomite sex acts with one another, all while flying the banner of “God loves us just as we are.”  

After years of this indoctrination and brainwashing in the public schools and universities — bolstered by pop culture on television, in movies, in modern “music,” and even in our churches — our kids return to us from college HATING America, ANGRY at the world, and suffering from an epidemic of anxiety and depression.  It is no wonder that such a thing as ANTIFA exists.  For many, paid-protesting is the only job they really enjoy, because they get to take their rage out in public, burning, looting, destroying, beating people up in the streets  — people who still believe in God and Country; people who have a working moral compass.  “ANTIFA,” by the way, stands for “Anti-Fascist.”  But the REAL fascists are the thugs out on the streets with ANTIFA — their faces covered in black masks as they lob Molotov Cocktails into crowds of police officers and through the windows of the stores on Main Street and shut down traffic on major highways.  Such are the ones who advocate for what they call “Democratic Socialism.”  Another misnomer, because that, in reality, is the recipe for MOBOCRACY…. MOB RULE.

In many cities in America today, the LGBT agenda has been SO well accepted and embraced that city councils have painted crosswalks in rainbow colors, and you dare not GO to those neighborhoods if you’re a practicing Christian or if you’re politically conservative.  You’ll be taking your life in your own hands.  You will find no one “tolerant” or “accepting” of YOU there.

So much deception.  So many lies.  It is no wonder so many of our young people are so confused.  It’s all they have ever known. They have grown up, literally from birth, having all these lies force-fed to them by the State, by the powerful Powers-That-Be, all with the end-game of fundamentally changing America into something the devil can be proud of.

This is not the same country I grew up in.  I doubt it is the same country YOU grew up in.  From marriage and family to race relations to a healthy work ethic…  everywhere you look, things have taken a drastic downward spiral into depravity, lust and decadence.

Well, ALMOST everywhere you look.   Because I have been greatly encouraged recently by some of the younger generation I have come to know.  They see THROUGH the deception.  They see THROUGH the lies, and they’re not buying any of it.  On the contrary, they are courageously pushing back against the forces of evil in our land, taking ownership of their own futures and by the grace of God, standing up for His Word and Truth.  Unashamed of the Gospel…. and this DESPITE whatever “church” they may have grown up in.  Because as we all know, MOST (I dare say more than 99%) of the pastors and churches in America today will never say a single word or give any comment or teach or lead their people properly on ANY of the aforementioned issues that are so destroying so many souls.  To do so would be just “too offensive,” and God forbid the pastors offend anyone.  Much better, they reason, to remain well-liked and popular among the people.  Much better to never make any waves or draw attention to what God’s Word REALLY says about all these things.  “Just show them the love of Jesus,” they reason.  Unfortunately, it’s not the love of Jesus they are showing, it is the cowardice instilled in them by the seminaries they have attended, because the seminaries, too, have been infiltrated long ago by the leftist, “social justice” crowd… just another phony name for the transforming of our once God-fearing Representative Republic to a Communist nation, where God is only welcome (for now) inside the four walls of the churches — and only IF the pastors are “smart” enough to keep their mouths shut.  And so I will dare say once again, I would estimate that more than 99% of the pastors and churches in every town — yes, even YOUR town — are simply “loving” people straight to hell.

But praise the Lord, because as I said, MANY young people are starting to “get it.”  They understand there is something drastically, terribly wrong going on, and they’re not afraid to fight it.  Like Jeremiah Thomas, who you read about earlier in this edition of Wisconsin Christian News, a true modern day hero of the faith.  Or Lexie Hall, who gave her testimony as she came out of the vain religion of “churchianity,” and has come to know REAL CHRISTIANITY.

But all this is DESPITE the fact that they have attended church growing up.  On the contrary, what they have come to know and understand, they have learned OUTSIDE the churches.  They’ve learned it from Godly, faithful parents, who have trained them up in the fear and admonition of the Lord.  Parents who have lived their faith out in real life, every day.   Parents for whom being a Christian is who they ARE, not just what they DO once a week.  Parents who truly LOVE their kids enough to tell them the truth, rather than leave them floundering to make up their own minds about what’s right and wrong.  Parents who CARE more about their kids than they do Facebook.  Parents who are involved.  Parents who have sanctified their children for the Lord even as God Himself was knitting them together in their mothers’ wombs.

In many instances, these kids that are becoming bold, strong leaders for the Kingdom of God have been homeschooled and raised in REAL ministry families… trained to know the truth from birth.  While the church kids struggle to see through the scales on their eyes, THESE KIDS see right through the schemes of the devil.  They see the lies and deception, and the vanity of all the glitter and delusion of pop culture.  They live for something bigger than themselves.  They live for Christ.

And they STUDY — to show themselves approved, workmen that need not be ashamed.  They know the Bible, God’s Holy Word, and they’re not afraid to share the Gospel, even with strangers on the street, because they understand, peoples’ eternal souls are at stake.  Many, who labor alongside those who work to abolish abortion in our land also know that for the most helpless among us — the precious pre-born BABIES — their very LIVES are at stake, and they mourn for those killed and they cry out for God’s mercy, that even one little baby might be rescued from death.

I am proud of these kids.  They have more courage in their little fingers than a hundred seeker-friendly “pastors” will ever muster in their whole bodies their entire lives.  These young people — the next generation — are such an encouragement to me.  Because if ANYTHING is going to change, it is going to be up to THEM.  They are the ones who can reach others their own age who are so deceived, so brainwashed, so lost.  These lost souls may not listen to us old folks, but they just MAY listen to someone of their generation, when they see how DIFFERENT they are in the way they act, the way they speak, the way they live, the things they value and the things they don’t.

I remember when I was in high school, (that was a long time ago), someone noticed that I was “different.”  I remember one day, a guy in my class asked me, “What’s wrong with you?  You never swear.  EVERYBODY swears.  Why don’t you ever swear?”  And I had the opportunity to tell him about how I was living for Jesus.  But I didn’t have the courage.  Instead, all I said was, “I don’t know, I just never learned to swear.” 

Well, now that I’m older, I would never let an opportunity like that slip past me again.  And I would admonish the young people reading this to heed that advice.  For some, you may only get ONE opportunity to tell them WHY you are the way you are.  Only one opportunity to tell them about your Creator and the God you serve.  Don’t miss out on that opportunity!

I believe a revival is coming to our land, and I believe our young people may very well be the ones leading it.  It seems most of us old folks are just too set in our ways, too “tamed,” too “feminized” and too afraid of what others might think of us.  Not so with some of the young people I have met, the kids of Operation Save America, Missionaries to the Preborn, Students For Life, Created Equal, the Salt and Light Brigade, and many other ministries that serve God with all they have.

In Acts 2, the words of the prophet Joel are repeated, starting in verse 17:  “And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of My Spirit upon all flesh.  And your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions and your old men shall dream dreams.  And on My servants and on My handmaidens I will pour out in those days of My Spirit, and they shall prophesy.  And I will show wonders in heaven above and signs in the earth beneath;  blood, and fire and vapor of smoke.  The sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes.  And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

In these verses, the word “prophesy” does not mean to predict the future.  It means speaking the WORD OF GOD, boldly, as the prophets of old; despite opposition, despite being counter-cultural.  Despite persecution and ridicule, these young people will prophesy, speaking the truth of God’s Word, so that those who have ears to hear will call upon the name of the Lord and thereby shall be saved.

But friends, these kids cannot do it all on their own.  Surely they will be filled with God’s Holy Spirit, empowering them with courage to speak.  But as parents, we MUST diligently TEACH our children in the wisdom and knowledge of the Lord.  We must MODEL what TRUE Christianity really is.  And it is NOT stupid Youth Group “fun time” or pizza parties.  It is NOT “Christian Rock” concerts.  And it most certainly is NOT dragging your kids to a dead church with a cowardly pastor and never doing YOUR part as a parent to truly LOVE your kids enough to diligently model for them the TRUE Christian life.

So I challenge you parents to consider all these things and ask yourself: what is more important in your life than raising your children to know and LOVE Jesus, serving Him with humble spirits?  Do you want to raise up warriors for Christ?  Or angry ANTIFA wimps?  And I also challenge you young people:  be done with the foolish things of this world.  Question what the world is pushing, and compare it to what God’s Word says.  Then ACT on what you KNOW to be true.  May Christ be praised!

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