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The Biblically Defined Deep State

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Published on: September 15, 2018

In Part 1 of this article, I laid a foundation for understanding that the Deep State we see revolting against the liberty and freedom of Americans is seen in Psalm 2. This rebellion and lust for tyrannical power are really against God and His people.

We have witnessed this very thing in America. Our enlightened judges have created rights out of thin air and have purposely refashioned America into their debauched vision. Consider for example these court cases and the results.

  • 1962 Engel vs. Vitale resulted in the removal of prayer from public schools.
  • 1963 Abington School District vs. Schempp resulted in the removal of Bible reading from public schools.
  • 1973 Rowe vs. Wade ruled abortion a constitutional right and has resulted in the murder of over 50 million unborn children.
  • 1980 Sone vs. Graham removed the Ten Commandments from public schools and government buildings.
  • 2013 United States vs. Windsor nullified the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).
  • 2015 Obergefell vs. Hodges ruled sodomite unions legal across America.

What verse 3 really says is “Let us be free to commit every kind of sin our minds can imagine. Let us be our own judges, let us be our own gods. We do not need God.”

A nation that has gleefully murdered 70 million and counting preborn human beings, that celebrates the pride of unconscionable sexual deviancy, that teaches children they can choose which gender they want to be, that sells human beings for the fulfillment of the sexual fantasies of those willing to pay for them, and who tells its citizens that it must continue to finance an out of control oligarchy called the US Federal Government is ripe for judgment.

Let me give you a startling example of how deep the problem runs even in those who profess to love God. Catherine Austin Fitts, whom I have had the blessing of speaking with on several occasions, offers what she has termed “The Red Button Problem,” as a vivid remainder of the darkness of the human heart. She writes:

In the summer of 2000, I asked a group of 100 people at a conference of spiritually committed people who would push a red button if it would immediately stop all narcotics trafficking in their neighborhood, city, state and country. Out of 100 people, 99 said they would not push such red button. When surveyed, they said they did not want their mutual funds to go down if the U.S. financial system suddenly stopped attracting an estimated $500 billion-$1 trillion a year in global money laundering. They did not want their government checks jeopardized or their taxes raised because of resulting problems financing the federal government deficit.

Our financial profiteering and complicity is not limited to aristocrats and the elites who do their bidding. Our financial dependency on unsustainable economics is broad, ingrained and deep.[1]

The so-called freedom those who oppose God are choosing for themselves is not freedom at all. It is instead bondage wrapped in a satanic bow. The devil always collects on his contracts.

The enemy of God and His people is Satan and he is the father of lies who seeks to kill and destroy all that God has created. Freedom from God results in an eternity free from Him as well. That friend, is hell.

What is God’s response to this rebellion? We see two separate responses in Psalm 2. The first response is seen in verses 4-5. God laughs derisively, mocks, and scorns the pitiful state of these rebels. God is not wringing His hands in heaven trying to figure out what to do or how to make people love and obey Him.

Westernized American Christianity has downplayed the fact that God is a holy and righteous judge who will respond in wrath and fury toward all those who reject Him. The Church has aided and abetted this false teaching that God is the great benevolent benefactor in the sky and eventually, all people will see the light and acknowledge Him.

Sadly, many Christians have adopted this pseudo-gospel message that elevates God’s mercy, grace, and forgiveness while simultaneously minimizing the need for people to repent and confess their sins.

The second response God gives to rebels is to offer a provision for the forgiveness of sins and a way of reconciliation with Him. That is verses 6-9. Take note of these points:

  • God offers the rebel nations and people a King of His choosing in verse 6 – “I have installed my King.” That King is Jesus.
  • This was made sure as a testimony from God in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus – verse 7 is quoted in Acts 13:33 as prophecy fulfilled.
  • In verse 8 we see that God offers redemption and reconciliation through King Jesus. This leads to a life of discipleship. We become prized possessions and the inheritance of Jesus.
  • Rejecting God and His offer of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ results in judgment. Verse 9 says Christ will break the nations with a rod of iron and shatter them like earthenware.

With this information in hand, God calls the kings of the earth to make a decision. When God is rightly understood, when His moral laws are grasped and viewed in light of His character, people are accountable to make a decision concerning who He is and who Jesus Christ the Son is.

This is what we see in verses 10-12. Note the following points:

  • End your rebellion. Show wisdom and discernment in recognizing God; not vanity in rejecting Him (v10; v1).
  • Give God praise, glory, honor by repenting, believing, honoring and receiving (v11).
  • Understand that there is salvation is no one else but Jesus Christ the Son (v12). “Do homage to the Son.”
  • Receive assurance of your salvation (v12) – “How blessed are all those who take refuge in Him.”

I hope that you see the value of using Psalm 2 to speak with people about what we see happening in America and the world today. It is a timeless reminder of God’s principles for living life as His creation.

Let me offer a summary and conclusion to the original questions many people ask today. What is wrong with the world? Simply put friends, the world is reaping a whirlwind of consequences by rejecting God. When God’s moral law is not upheld then every individual is free to construct their own morality and the result is chaos and ultimately tyranny as the more ruthless among the world’s people gain power and control.

America and the world are teetering on the edge of financial, political, and social collapse on many different fronts. Hostilities are increasing around the world. How much longer can the world keep from falling headlong into a major world-engulfing conflict?

The vain imaginings of people are increasingly debased and harmful to mind and body. The depraved insistence that Americans celebrate men who want to believe they are women, men who want to be recognized as married to other men, and the gutting of our social fabric through the public school’s indoctrination program has left America confused and bewildered.

What can we do? As Psalm 2 points out, the remedy to the chaos, confusion, and calamity that has fallen upon America and indeed the world is to bow the knee to God, confess our sins, repent of our forsaking Him, and ask Him to forgive us. Then there must be a wholesale turning away from sinful wicked behavior.

The decision is this: Do you believe that God is? Do you believe that He rewards all those who believe He is and who place their trust in Him by faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ for eternal life through the forgiveness of your sins? Do you then by faith live a life that seeks to honor Him daily?

The history of the world is really His story of the incarnation, Jesus Christ, God became flesh, who dwelt among men speaking to them of the Kingdom of God and salvation freely offered to all mankind.

Today I encourage you to place your faith in Jesus Christ, turn from your sin, and become a disciple. Live your life from this day forward by the power of God and for His glory and honor.

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