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House Switchboard Jammed with Republicans Calling on Reps to Vote Against Boehner

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Published on: January 6, 2015

As the start of the Congressional session that sees Republicans holding the majority in both the House and Senate, Republicans in the House will take a vote today on which member will be the Speaker of the House. According to the Daily Caller, the House “switchboard was jammed by Republicans who are urging their members to vote against Boehner.” So far, there have been 10 defectors who say they will vote against John Boehner for the speaker position.

At the midday vote today, Boehner has to win 218 votes out of 246 GOP caucus in order to retain his position. If not, critics of Boehner hope it will encourage “new” Republican candidates to seek Boehner’s position. However, a lengthy and intense negotiation process could plague the GOP members until a compromise candidate is identified to replace Boehner should he not attain the required 218 votes.

Oklahoma Rep. Tom Cole, a Boehner ally, came out in support of Boehner. Cole, a supporter of increased guest workers, told MSNBC that this “debate is distracting attention from the GOPs support for the Keystone XL pipeline.”

Even Boehner’s office sought to divert attention elsewhere as a statement from his office highlighted the current Speaker’s focus on economic issues, while remaining silent on the immigration/amnesty issue. According to the statement, the GOP “is wasting no time getting started, kicking off the first week of the new American Congress with action on three bipartisan jobs bills.”

It is interesting that the spokesperson for Boehner’s office chose the words “new American Congress” instead of saying “new congressional session.”

Some opinions credit the amnesty issue for the pushback against Boehner.

Rachel Semmel, spokesperson for Conservative Review, stated, “In all the local talk radio Conservative Review has done, it’s clear that Boehner’s capitulation on amnesty and working with Obama to pass and fund it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

“A vote for Boehner is a vote for amnesty,” said Bill Gheen, founder of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC.

His group has endorsed numerous GOP legislators, but “if they vote for Boehner, we’re going to rescind our endorsements… and they will be added to the amnesty supporter list,” he told TheDC.

It was Gheen’s group who helped unseat House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the GOP primary.

Gheen stated that for the 2016 election, they’ll be looking for primary challengers. “We’re looking for independent candidates as well, because if the Republicans do not have the integrity to remove a serial liar who is facilitating the president… there is no need for us to deal with the Republican Party. We are headed out the door.”

It’s no secret that Obama’s amnesty is unpopular with the American people as a new poll has shown. And, it is obvious Boehner needs to be replaced because of his activities and lack of principles and backbone. But, what happened to Congress expelling their own members for errant or unsavory behavior?

While the GOP is responding to the results of the mid-term elections, why did the GOP majority House not take care of the business of ousting Boehner based on his errant behavior before now?

Everyone knows Washington is corrupt. In fact, Nancy Pelosi and other members of Congress participates in the activity of “insider trading:” An activity that sent Martha Stewart to prison. Members of Congress are aware that some members are accepting “bribes” in the guise of donations from corporate conglomerates and the politically influential wealthy; John Boehner delivered some of those “donations.” So, in all fairness, Congress itself expelling errant members would be nearly impossible as most engage in activities that would send the average citizen to prison.

This brings us to the biggest question of all regarding “integrity” when it comes to Republicans. Why has no one stepped forward to lead in the removal of the “liar-in-chief” POTUS? Yes, America knows Joe Biden without needing to actually meet him; and, just because one person “doesn’t agree” with impeachment does not detract from the fact that it is the law when dealing with a POTUS who has committed treason and “crimes and misdemeanors.”

Hopefully, the Republican majority can oust Boehner and replace him with someone who does possess integrity, principles, values and most importantly, a spine. If that can occur, there is a chance to forge ahead in dealing with issues that impact the freedom and liberty of all Americans, along with amnesty – issues Republicans should have tackled while holding a House majority with the power of the purse. Let’s us not hold our breath for we might turn blue and pass out before some Republicans actually grow vertebrae and establishment Republicans and RINOs change their spots.

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